If you have dogs and cats living together in the house, it is normal for them to get along badly, since they are animals that, in general, tend to collide. Although there are breeds of dogs that get along better with cats than others, the usual thing is that coexistence is not entirely friendly. To avoid this, we leave you several tips so that your dog and cat get along.

Tips to achieve a friendship between dogs and cats

Before presenting the advice, it should be noted that, if the problems between them are very great, it is best to take them to a professional so that they can help you.

Introduce them

Starting on the right foot is essential, also in these cases, so you must introduce one to the other so that they are accepted from the first moment. One point to keep in mind is to respect the location of the objects of each animal, for example, the bed or different toys.

A good presentation is key for a dog and cat to have a good relationship

The cat should have a “safety zone” in which to feel comfortable and can move away if the dog constantly chases him. It is recommended to buy cat-specific items such as multi-story scratching posts or catwalks where they can take refuge. At the time of presenting them, if we are not sure of the attitude that the dog is going to adopt, we can keep it on a leash, although if it has the mentioned objects it does not have to be necessary.

The normal thing is that at first, both are tense and hostile, it is a matter of time before they calm down

It is usual that at the beginning you live small episodes in which both collide or are not very close. What you have to do is, instead of scolding them, reinforce the attitudes that you see positive in both. You should not punish one in front of the other, on the contrary, you have to take the opportunity to give them treats or caress them when they are together, to positively reinforce them. Little by little you will get them to tolerate each other, although this is normal for it to take time.

Age influences

When a cat and a dog meet, the age difference between them must be taken into account. In this sense, youth encourages them to get along, the younger they know each other, the easier it is for them to have a good relationship. This does not imply that we should lower our guard and we have to monitor their movements of them.

There are many other things that need to be done to make sure they get along. One way is to make sure you only adopt non-aggressive breeds. For example, in the case of cats, you might consider Ragdoll kittens for adoption. They are not aggressive and easily adapt to different environments.