The Best Time And Place to Burn Incense

In order to make a pleasant home, it is important to develop a good incense-taste. How do you feel when someone burns incense in your house? For most people, there is a sense of peace and calm. However, some think that this causes them discomfort or even makes them nauseous.

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There are probably individuals who have even stumbled onto research studies on incense burning because they didn’t know what to do about their unpleasant reactions… But this occurs because you may not be familiar with the time and place for incense burning.

If you use multiple places for incense burning at inconvenient times, you will inevitably encounter problems with bad smells or physical discomfort arising from breathing difficulties! You need to understand the proper time, place and quantity for incense burning.

Burning incense at night can cause your sleep to be disturbed!

First of all, you must burn incense according to the time of day. If you’re using it in the morning or evening, then there’s no problem. However, if you burn it at night, then this could interfere with your sleep schedule!

It is said that ginger tea taken before bedtime produces soporific effects (sleep-inducing effects) on most people. However, if someone gets up after drinking this tea and burns incense at their bedside…

It will be difficult for them to fall asleep again because they are likely breathing in copious amounts of smoke from the incense!

Pre-dinner is the best time to burn incense. It is recommended that you do not burn incense before breakfast, after meals (including snacks), or at night. You should wait until about an hour after eating a meal and then begin your daily routine with burning incense.

Just as we recommend wiping down the dining table with a clean cloth before eating, it is ideal to first burn some incense, allowing the air to become clear and refreshed. Visit

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