The Best Shoes for Hiking In Wet Weather

I love a good hike in the rain. There’s nothing quite like the smell of wet grass or trees, and I enjoy the pitter-patter sound of falling drops. But the same wetness that compels us to go on a hike also becomes the biggest hurdle. The wet path is most likely extremely slippery, making it hard to even stand on it, let alone hike. But that is nothing compared to the horrors of wet and soggy shoes if you go out during a mild shower or get caught in one. 

There are many accessories and specialized tools to help you fulfill your dream of hiking in the rain. But, when it comes to hiking in wet conditions, the first and foremost thing to do is pick the right shoes. Here I will discuss the best hiking shoes to use in wet weather and their importance.

Why you Need Good Hiking Shoes for Wet Weather

If your hike is in wet weather, then keeping the feet dry becomes paramount. Soggy shoes and socks can get very heavy, and they can even contribute to pneumonia if it’s really cold. Quite interestingly, there are many waterproof hiking shoes in the market today. Each of these shoes is designed to keep your feet healthy and dry even in unfriendly weather. So if you’re like me and you’re looking for completely waterproof shoes, then this listicle should help you out.

The Best Shoes for Hiking In Wet Weather

Best Shoes for Hiking in Wet Weather:

Are you looking for shoes that can navigate wet weather easily? Do you want to keep your feet dry while traveling through rain or snow? If the answer to the above-posed questions is a big yes, then check the list below:

  1. Twisted X Men’s 4″ Waterproof Chukka Hiker Boot:

The Twisted X 4” Waterproof Chukka Hiker Boot takes its inspiration from trail running shoes, but applies those principles to hiking. Crafted from full-grain leather, the boot has a waterproof liner and a moisture-wicking, antibacterial footbed that makes it great for wet conditions. You can remove the footbed and wash it in your washing machine. The outsole is slip-resistant, with self-cleaning lugs to knock off mud that might accumulate there.

  1. Danner Men’s and Women’s Waterproof Explorer 650 5″ Waterproof Hiking Boot:

The Danner Explorer Hiking Boot, available for both men and women, is another waterproof boot to own if you love hiking when it’s wet. This is an absurdly cool-looking boot, with a classic design and lightweight frame, making it great for everyday wear.

Perfect for hiking through rain and mud or wading shallow streams, the explorer is made of durable leather and breathable nylon, with a 100% waterproof moisture barrier. The outsole includes Megagrip technology with self-adapting lugs for great traction on a wet road or trail. 

Things to look for when purchasing hiking shoes

The above-mentioned shoes are perfect for anyone looking to buy waterproof hiking shoes. But there is more to the best hiking shoe than being waterproof. Besides, the market is filled with fakes and false advertisements. Here are the things you need to look out for when shopping for wet weather hiking shoes:

Are they really waterproof?

Waterproofing a shoe is not an easy task. The costs of producing high-quality waterproof shoes are high compared to normal shoes. This causes many companies to advertise in confusing terms. Many will get behind the umbrella of water resistance and would not clearly state that their shoes are waterproof. This causes confusion for the end-consumer and leads them to potentially wasting their money on a fake.

How breathable are they?

Outside moisture is not the only thing standing between you and a good hiking experience. Sweat causes just as many problems like rain or a wet path. Putting a plastic bag over your shoes will make them waterproof, but this will also cause you to sweat a lot and get the soggy shoes that you were trying to avoid. So make sure that the shoes that you are looking for online are breathable in addition to being waterproof. Excessive sweat can also result in the skin of your feet getting destroyed, leaving you in a state of pain and costing you money in the form of medical bills.


So, these are some of the shoes which work best for hiking in wet conditions. Irrespective of whether you are moving through rivers, rain, or snow, a good set of hiking shoes or boots will keep your feet dry. They also need to have aggressive tread to prevent skipping in the mud.

Additionally, the shoes listed here also are great fashion accessories. You can wear them not only for a hike, but also day to day. For more great men’s hiking gear and women’s hiking gear, click these links. I particularly like Danner hiking shoes, so I also recommend checking out the Danner collection today.

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