The benefits of studying online

Technology has touched and changed most things. But one thing which has been totally revolutionized is online learning or studying online. In fact, many well-known institutions have started offering courses and educational programs online.

The courses and programs range from simple certificates to even PhDs – This clearly shows that the technology and internet had a strong impact on online learning and studying online, even starting with the basics, such as Functional Skills online.

Online study has been offered by most of the world’s top-ranked institutions. As a result of this facility, it has become possible for many people to attend their dream university with the convenience of studying at their schedule. If we talk about the online courses, they are available in almost every subject and having a flexible timetable makes it easy for everyone to learn new concepts and skills.

In fact, many students have started to turn towards online learning instead of choosing on-campus study. For starters, there is a significant reduction in costs ranging from transportation to even institution fees… But the most notable benefit is studying in education institutes abroad while staying in your home country.

Top Education Institutes offering Free Courses

When you combine free courses with online study, you get a perfect combination to boost your knowledge and even your employment prospects. There is no doubt that relevant courses will look good on your CV and can be a great talking point as well during the interviews.

These days, a lot of top-class institutions have started offering free online courses. Today, we will look at some of the top class institutes which offer high-quality courses for free:

Harvard University

Harvard University

Harvard University is a trusted name when it comes to quality education. They are offering more than 600 different courses online, such as art, contemporary theories, climate change, and much more.

University of California

University of California

The University of California is also offering various courses on a variety of subjects. Some of the top courses offered by this University are:

Better Business Writing (English) – We all know the importance of writing in business. If you need to upgrade your business communication, taking this course may prove to be very beneficial.

Electronics – In this course, you can get a quick introduction to electronics and know about the basic components which make up most of the electronic devices, such as op-amps, transistors, diodes, etc. This course can also help those who need to get a quick insight into electrical engineering.

Games without Chance – This is also an interesting course that is basically a combination of analysis of simple games and mathematical theory. If you have an interest in combinational game theory, this course can prove to be very beneficial.

Georgia Institute of Technology

The Georgia Institute of Technology has been offering online courses since early 2012. Some of the top free courses are:

Data Analytics (Business) – Need to understand business and data analytics? This course will give you a deep dive into various methodologies and various business analytics algorithms.

Supply Chain Principles – This course compromises almost 15 hours’ worth of content and can be a great course for anyone looking to start a career in the supply chain. It will give you a basic understanding of the supply chain and all the things that come with it.

Innovation Leadership – This leadership course spans over 6 weeks and will tell you about why innovation leadership is important and how you can also become one.

Online Courses – Other Sources

A simple Google search will reveal thousands of free courses which are available online and can be taken by anyone! It can be game development, art, language, technology, business, or any other subject – You can easily find a course which suits your interest!

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