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The Benefits of Press Releases for Business


Are you debating whether or not to start doing press releases?

Perhaps you’ve read a couple of press releases from your competitors. Or you’ve been researching for ways to shore up your content marketing strategy and you’ve established that press releases should play a central role. Or perhaps you’re plain curious.

Regardless of your motivation behind press releases, one thing is clear: your business stands to gain substantially, as long as you use them correctly.

In this article, our focus is on the benefits of press releases for business. Continue reading for deeper insight:

Be the Master of Your Story

At a time when almost everyone can post anything online, it can be difficult to control your brand’s story.


Let’s say you’re a tech company planning to introduce a new product in the market. There’s bound to be speculation about the specifications of the product and when you’ll release it. Bloggers, journalists, and even consumers can go online and share their views from their “sources.”

As a company, it’s great when there’s some buzz about a new product, but misinformation can be costly. You need to control your story, and a press release is a great tool for this purpose.

By crafting an official statement and releasing it to new media, you have the power to set the facts straight. Just be sure to use an effective press release distribution service, so that your statement reaches a wider audience.

Improve Your Media Relations

As a company, it’s important to build a relationship with the local media. When you have good connections with journalists or media houses, you can always leverage the relationship to ensure your events get media coverage.

Press releases can help improve your media relations. Journalists love it when they can find information in the form of a press release instead of digging around.


Widen Your Digital Presence

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to build a solid digital presence. Thousands of businesses in your niche are fighting for the top spot on search engines, social media pages, and other digital platforms.

Your websites, blogs, and social media pages will do a pretty good job at building your digital presence, but there’s only so much they can do. Press releases can provide the extra boost your business needs to grow its web presence.

This can happen in a couple of ways. When you release your press releases via a wire service, they’ll publish them online. Media houses will pick it up and probably air it on their digital platforms. With such coverage, it’s easier to pull more organic search traffic to your website.

A Powerful Marketing Tool

At the heart of it, a press release is a powerful marketing tool. It gives you an opportunity to communicate with your audience, albeit in a more professional manner.


If you’re announcing a new product, your target customers will get the message and starting making their orders.

Press Releases for Business Are Beneficial

As we have demonstrated, press releases for business are beneficial, no doubt. They are not only a powerful marketing tool, but can also help with reputation management, media relations, and more.

Start crafting that release, and keep tabs on our blog for more business insights.

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