The Benefits of a PowerPoint Template

Imagine if every team member in your organization was tasked with creating PowerPoints for the next big client meeting. Undoubtedly, the results would be a menagerie of presentations that included differing fonts, colors, styles, and images.

This is because everyone tends to bring their personality and preferences into their presentation designs. Unfortunately, this also means that corporate branding, style, and consistency are lost. The best way to achieve uniformity with every business PowerPoint is to rely on templates.

A custom PowerPoint template is like a blueprint or pattern for slides that contain layouts, colors, fonts, effects, background styles, and even content. When you employ presentation templates, you can ensure that every slide meets specific guidelines and that each PowerPoint is consistently on-brand. Let’s look at some of the benefits of using templates for your corporate PowerPoint presentations.



Instead of each slide serving as an independent blank canvas, a template helps you consider each one as a piece of the bigger picture. A custom PowerPoint template ensures that your slides work together to form a cohesive presentation that maintains consistency throughout.

Given the importance of many business presentations, it is essential that each slide has a purpose and that it fits into the larger message. Different presentations can look like a patchwork design of various transitions, animations, backgrounds, and layouts without set guidelines. Having a template will guarantee that your corporate presentation is professional and consistent in fonts, style, layout, and color palette.

Time Savings

Time Savings

In the corporate world today, time is money. Fortunately, a presentation template offers a shortcut that can save you time and money. In general, template slides are pre-designed with layouts and content based on the type of presentation.

In many instances, creators only have to drop inappropriate images, data, and content to complete a presentation. Graphs, charts, illustrations, and other visuals have improved learning and understanding, and a professionally designed template will make adding visuals easy and consistent.

Templates can prove to be a time-saving solution for crafting well-designed, effective presentations.



When presentations don’t follow a standard set of style guidelines, each PowerPoint could be different. This kind of variation doesn’t bode well for establishing a solid brand. With presentation templates, this disparity can be avoided.

Professionally designed templates are created based on style guidelines and strict parameters to produce slides that leverage the power of your brand and identity. In many instances, your business presentation can be just as important as your website, logo, or letterhead for establishing and promoting your brand.

Given that corporate PowerPoints could be a powerful mode of communication within and outside of your company, they must speak on behalf of your brand.

Simple Designs

One of the most important principles for crafting effective slides is to keep the presentation simple. Important information and data should focus on each slide rather than the presentation design.

PowerPoint slides that include varying fonts, multicolored backgrounds, and flashy animations will divert attention away from your information. Regardless of the audience, they are usually more interested in the main points than in the animation of text and images.

PowerPoint templates follow the best practice of sticking to the same font family, a simple color scheme, and minimal elements on each slide. Templates help create compelling presentations that include clean slides, free from ancillary text and other elements that can muddle your PowerPoint.

Given that the power of an effective presentation can help secure a new deal, nail down a new client, or lead to more successful operations, it is critical that you put your best foot forward. Presentation templates can set you up for success with compelling, well-crafted presentations that are simple, consistent, and on-brand.