The Basics of Diamond Paintings You Must Know About

If you’ve been a fan of paint by numbers or the puzzle games that we were so fond of in childhood, you’ll immediately fall in love with diamond paintings. Diamond paintings are the new talk of the town that everyone must try. Not only do they make for fun family activities the end product looks lovely on the wall.

Diamond painting is actually a canvas that has a space for thousands of little resin pieces a.k.a. diamonds. The diamonds are placed individually on the canvas giving an excellent look and feel that is bound to turn heads.

If you’re wondering how diamonds are attached to the canvas, you’re not alone. Adhesives hold each diamond piece in place and the canvas is color coded so you can place each diamond in its individual place with ease.

Diamond Paintings, How it Started

Diamond Paintings, How it Started?

Diamond painting quickly rose to popularity back in 2017 and has seen a rise in demand ever since. Millions of people have fallen in love with the unique craft and the popularity refuses to bow down.

The possibilities with Paint with Diamonds are endless and that’s what fueled the popularity in the first place. People used the craft as holiday season gifts, or to showcase a cherished romantic moment.

Diamond paintings also see a spike in demand around major events and people are particularly fond of these paintings as a mothers or fathers day gift.

The benefits of diamonds paintings aren’t just aesthetic, the satisfaction and contentment one gets paired with the improved concentration and coordination among children make it an excellent family exercise that you can enjoy with your loved ones.

Diamond Paintings – How to Start Your Own Diamond Painting

Diamond paintings are here to stay and they make for excellent gifts whatever the occasion. So, how do you start?

If you’re not looking to experiment and add your own personal touch to the painting then you can go with generic designs that are offered. These are tried and tested paintings that will add to the look and feel of your indoor space.

Once your order arrives, you’ll have everything you need in the box. The canvas will be color coded so you can match the spaces with the diamonds that match the color. You’ll use the wax pad and extra sharp tweezers to pick up each diamond and put it in its place.

There are a number of ways that you can use to make the perfect diamond painting. You can place the diamonds color by color or use a row by row technique. You have the choice and freedom to prepare the final painting as you wish.

Don’t worry about adhesives, as the canvas is pre-treated and the adhesive is pre-applied. You just have to place the diamonds and the painting will slowly take its shape. The shimmering diamonds look excellent on any wall.

Custom Diamond Paintings

What’s better than a custom diamond painting? One that showcases your loveliest moments!

You can place an order for your preferred diamond painting where the canvas will be modified to show your own diamond painting.

You basically start by sending in a high-resolution shot that conforms to the dimensions of the diamond painting you’re ordering. The canvas will be prepared accordingly and you’ll be supplied with color coded packs of diamonds that you put in place to create your very own perfect artwork.

Custom Diamond Paintings

You can choose between round or square diamonds and while both are equally good, they bring their own style to your indoor space.

Square Diamonds

Square diamonds look and feel more complete and provide a refined look as they line up next to each other without any spaces in between. The fuller and more complete look can be enjoyed from a distance.

In addition to the more complete look, the diamonds lining up next to each other create a very satisfying feel. As you add more and more diamonds the look keeps getting better and better and you’ll get more motivated.

Round Diamonds

Why Man-Made Diamonds are the Best Investment Today

Round diamonds don’t line up as good as the square ones but are easier to handle and place. You don’t need to be as precise as you need to be with square ones. While the ease is enjoyable and appreciated, it can provide an unfinished look if viewed from a short distance.

It is recommended to hang the diamond paintings a bit far to get the best view.

Diamond Paintings – What Do I Need?

You don’t need to worry about rounding up and collecting stuff as each diamond painting kit comes with everything you’ll need out of the box. It is recommended to check things before you start working on your artwork.

A Diamond Painting Kit usually ships with:

  1. Canvas – A pre-printed canvas will have either a generic painting or a painting of your choice. You don’t need to worry about the adhesives, as the canvas surface is treated to have pre-applied adhesive.
  2. Diamonds! – All the diamonds that need to be put on the canvas are packed in separate bags that are labelled so you can easily line them up on the canvas.
  3. Diamond pen tool – Some people find it difficult to place the diamonds on the canvas and that’s where the diamond pen tool comes in. It will help place diamonds in their right place.
  4. Tweezers – If you prefer using tweezers (and you will love them once you use them) you’ll find a pair of extra-sharp ones in the box. These tweezers help improve the precision and make for an excellent complete look.
  5. Wax pad – Diamonds are small and using a wax pad helps pick up the diamonds properly.


So, what are you waiting for? Start your first diamond painting now and you’re sure to gift that to everyone next time you decide to gift someone something. You can start with holiday souvenirs or order a cherished memory as the perfect festive season gift. The avenues are endless and you’ll immediately fall in love with it.