The Art of Customization in Packaging

Packaging is an ultimate necessity, not only in marketing but at home also. Either you are sending a gift to someone, for takeaway materials, or while buying something from a shop, everything requires to be packed well. This is called product packaging.

Now, the question is what kind of packaging should be protective, aesthetic, and also affordable? Can you get a packing product that suits your choices? So, the answer is yes! You can get the benefit of choosing colours, materials and designing a packaging product according to your selections. Custom packaging boxes with logogives you this benefit. Be it for the specific color or dimensions you are looking for, or the  pvc window die cut , the packaging boxes are tailored right according to your requirements. 

Let us go into the detail of custom packaging, how it works and what are its benefits

Custom Packaging

Custom Packaging is a process of designing packaging for the product from scratch to end, giving it a final sketch including size, dimensions, layout, colour, design, and so on. This is just like something you want of your own choice, layout on a paper and custom packaging companies will configure it into the original packaging product.

How does it work?

As, this a customized packaging, so all parameters will be considered according to the choice of the customer. Here’s a concise framework of the primary stages, you’ll have to do while customizing a packaging product:


·       Size and quantity of box

A well-fitted size for the product you want to be packed is the first thing to consider. Consider dimensions. Also, tell them the quantity boxes you need.

·       Style of the box

Style is what speaks of customers’ choice. If you want to use it for gift packaging, select a decent style.

·       Packaging Material

To ensure complete protection, the material of the box should be sturdy that makes it durable.

·       Types of packaging

There are different types of packaging, make sure which one you are choosing for your product.


·       Blueprint and printing

Blueprint tells the ultimate taste of a person. Choose it according to the product. Make it unique.

·       Set up fine art

Go for crafting art and layouts, if this can give a more appealing look.

·       Images, Colors

The crucial factors are to decide the colours, these should match the theme of the event, product, or if you are going to use it as a gift box it should be a classy combination with that as well. Adding pictures is a good practice like the outlook will already tell what is inside the box.

If you are dealing with a brand, adding a logo is a must thing. The other creative thing is to write a small unique note about the product or the brand.


The last process is buying. For that, you can get your well-customized boxes from OBT packaging and can enhance the protection of your products!

Custom Packaging: Why so in?

·       Online Marketing

We have entered a world of digital media. Everything is now shifted more online. Why it is made easier? Because of digital media technology.

·       Digital Printing

Digital printing helps a lot in designing products. this makes it faster and people prefer it over the hand-crafted designs on the boxes. Digital printing also gives the best facility to the brand in printing unique logos. Hence custom packaging boxes with logo are more preferred by people than simple ones. This is because, with logo and  brand awareness , value is created.

·       Your Own choice

What is better than a person getting a thing of his own choice? In the old eras, people imagined and craved getting things according to their selections. Now it has become easy to get a product packed according to your imaginations.

Consider buying a lotion to carry in your small pocket while going outside, you need a small box to get it packed so that it will not be spilled, here custom lotion boxes should be an utmost choice. These will be customized according to the size of the lotion and also avoids leakage problems.

Importance of Custom Packaging 

Customization of any item makes a remarkable client experience. Let’s further know the benefits of customization:

·      Tailor-Made to Fit Your Product

What is better to make your client happy? This happens only when he gets a product well-made according to his choices. Hence, with this customized packaging, you can get your product exactly according to your visually crafted box. For example, consider a casual use lotion, custom lotion boxes with an alluring design will attract customers at first sight. The packaging layers also protect the lotion from UV rays avoiding any chemical reaction. After holding  and looking at the sturdiness and material, it  further encourages them to buy this one! OBT packaging will help you in making your packaging tailor fit for the product. 

·      Develops Branding Authenticity

Branding authenticity increases if people rely more on the brand and achieve more sales. Hence, through customized packaging, not only the sales increase but also enhances the branding experience. Custom packaging boxes with logos help in this process. Because the logo speaks of the brand and the customization adapted according to the users, highly satisfies them.

·      Enhances Customer satisfaction

This helps to increase the sales of the brand and its name in the market. Hence, this packaging is greater satisfaction for the customers. People prefer to rely on it than other kinds of packaging. Hence, it leaves a positive and lasting branded impression on the customers. Custom rigid boxes, in this case, are proved to be well-equipped for giving full protection and safety of the product with high customization with the size of the product. The customers are satisfied that the products they are buying are safely delivered in these sturdy packaging.

·      Protection of Products

Custom packaging also allows you to select any material for your packaging product. Either corrugated, paper on any. Whatever material you choose or they are of 100% purity providing extreme rigidity and sturdiness. The custom rigid boxes are the best example of ensuring complete internal and external protection. A delicate product can be wrapped with care in the custom rigid boxes.


Hence, you have learned about the art of customization in packaging. It is not good to just pack a product without considering its design, material and other things. Even if you think of the design and other choices, size, and the material are the most important ones to consider at first.

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