Slots have long been a significant source of entertainment for everyone who loves gaming. In time past, you only got to turn the reels when you visit a land-based casino. However, many advancements in technology have made slots available to gamers on the internet.

Microgaming was the platform to launch the world’s first virtual casino, and there have been thousands more casinos on the world wide web ever since. The new introductions have caused a shift in trends as many players have ditched the brick-and-mortar for a virtual experience.

So, what exactly makes playing slots online more profitable than land-based casinos? Here are the many advantages:


In choosing between land-based and online casinos, it has become clear that the modern-day player prioritizes convenience. Slots have now become so easily accessible online that it’s hard to picture yourself travelling far and wide to visit a casino. All you need today is a handheld device or a desktop and you’re ready.

Variety of Games

Slot players are most drawn to the enormous amount of games available for online casinos. Online slots are easy to create and as a result, reputable gaming providers like Microgaming, NetEnt, and Playtech can create as many slots as are in demand.

These companies churn out so many interesting slots frequently that it is almost impossible to finish playing all of them. These games also come with their own unique features; different themes, reels, and paylines. Therefore, you won’t be getting bored soon.

Fun-filled Slot Tournaments

The goal of every gambler is to make a profit therefore some things players look out for when they play online slots for real money are features that can help increase payouts. And slot tournaments are one of these.

Slot tournaments are one of the most exciting features that afford players the opportunity to earn more. These tournaments are more interesting to play and far more rewarding compared to online casinos.

In addition, more than one player can be involved in a slot game online, compared to land-based slots. This further heightens the thrill that online slots already offer.

Availability of Games

You can play online slots any time; 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Because games are readily available, you can easily select any of your preferred choices and start playing immediately.

The same cannot be said about the brick-and-mortar where you can only visit at specified times of the day. Also, there may not be so many slot machines unoccupied, which means you have to wait your turn to spin the reels you love.

Why waste time when you can simply access a slot game at the tap of your screen?

Rewards and Bonuses

Two key things to look out for before choosing a slot game are the potential rewards and available bonus offerings. These features allow you to enjoy extra value on your bets and could ultimately increase your profit.

Gaming companies offer bonuses and reward programs to attract more customers to themselves. And since profit-making is always at the forefront of every real-money player’s mind, they easily give in to these attractions.

Most online slots offer a welcome bonus that you can leverage once you deposit some amount of money into your bettor’s account. There are also bonus symbols that would be displayed on the screen at intervals; free spins, multipliers, wildcards, plus free chips.

These rewards help players not only to earn huge rewards but also help to keep the reels spinning. By making the most of the offerings available, you can continue playing slots for as long as you want.

Flexible Betting

Most online slots come with a minimum/maximum stake policy that allows you to bet at least a certain amount. In some cases, gaming companies place a limit on the amount of money you can bet.

As a result, players can choose from a range that best suits their pockets; you can always bet from a few cents to some thousands of dollars. Although you’ll also find this option in land-based slots, the flexibility is lower compared to virtual slots.

Higher Payouts

This is perhaps the major reason people prefer online slots to land-based slots. It is possible to find slots online that offer as much as 95 to 97% payout percentage. And you stand a better chance at winning when you bet on these types of slots.

Easy Payments

Asides from the attraction, funfair and other benefits that online slots have, their payment methods also stand tall. Usually, you can deposit money into your debtor’s account via different methods, such as credit cards, debit cards, direct bank transfers, PayPal, Neteller, et cetera. The mode of payment may differ, depending on the slot variant you’re playing.

With these options on the table, gamblers can fund their virtual wallet with no inconveniences.


It’s clear to see that there are many reasons people prefer to relish their slot experience online. It is more profitable, exciting, accessible, and easy to play.

We recommend trying out a few interesting slots online to experience it for yourself. It is always worthwhile.


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