How to Incorporate Technology into Your Home Update

If you’re thinking about embarking on a much-needed renovation for your home, it’s also worth thinking about the many ways in which contemporary innovations could enhance your living spaces before hiring a contractor.

With new inventions providing new modern conveniences, a home update is a perfect time to introduce them to your lifestyle. Here are just four examples of how such technology could make your home update a home upgrade.

Smart Refrigeration

Much has been made of the “Internet of Things” in recent years; the implementation of touchscreen technology, operating systems and WiFi to all manner of household appliances.

While jokes abound regarding sending tweets from your fridge, incorporating a smart fridge into your new kitchen can provide all manner of contemporary conveniences. For a start, you can utilize your fridge’s internet connectivity to instantly place orders for any groceries you may find yourself missing, or to find recipes online without cluttering your kitchen counter with additional devices.

Smart Central Heating

If you’re already in the market for a new boiler, this is an excellent opportunity to upgrade your entire central heating system in tune with the modern age. Smart thermostats can be controlled from your phone, enabling you to warm your home ready for your arrival, or to warm specific rooms of your home in order to save energy.

Smart thermostats are also connected to the internet and can analyze weather forecasts in real-time, predicting temperature drops and amending your heating plan to suit. Higher-end thermostats might employ motion sensors, in order to switch the heating on only for rooms in active use.

Voice Activation

Voice-activated ‘assistants’ such as Amazon’s Alexa have become commonplace in the modern home, exemplifying the advancement of voice-recognition software and AI technology. Many people use these assistants to keep regular shopping lists, follow recipes and play music hands-free – but the technology can have far wider-reaching implications for your home.

You could twin voice-activation technology to a new curtain rack, enabling you to open and close your curtains with a word. You could also pair your home’s lighting with it, meaning you can literally tell your lights to dim, turn off or turn on, or even change color.

Multi-Room Hi-Fi

Smart technology can come into its own with regard to home entertainment – and if your home is in the middle of a renovation, what better time to take advantage of this advancement?

By installing speakers in every room of your home, you can make the most of smart hi-fi solutions, which allow you to control the volume in separate rooms or even have different songs playing in different spaces. Wi-fi connectivity and a smartphone app enable you to effortlessly control music in your home.

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