Summer dressing styles for men

Fashion and summer never go together for man. Dressing becomes easy at times when the temperature drops. You can combine your summer outfit with different styles like Vlone Shirts, shorts, pieces of denim, topsiders, tank tops, etc. From beachside to the streets of urban areas, summers have started.

So are you worried about your summer look and looking for a guide? Here we are, go through this article for a perfect guide from casual wear to a poolside party.


You have 3 options to choose the right one – Polo, button-down and short-sleeved.


Colorful and patterned polo shirts are a must-have item of the summer season, without this summer’s look incomplete. But always remember that it should not be too baggy or too loose to wear.

Polo provides a man to look fit and helps to reveal the muscles. Also provides a simple look. Always choose a shirt that fits your body perfectly rather than a shirt that is too tight or small.

Or you can choose to wear a long-sleeved button-down shirt which is light in weight and folded up sleeves. Wear it in plain solid colors.

Short Sleeved

Try to wear it in light colors and a breezy style. Patterned shirts are trending in fashion these days. Avoid wearing Hawaiian and bowling shirts if you are not on a weekend.


The other summer basic for males is flat and fitted short. These summer shorts must be stitched in a way they are 7-10 inches in length and fitted from the thighs and upper legs just like polo shirts are tailored. Try to choose the one that leaves a comfortable feel. Once the selection of a particular pair is done, buy that pair in different colors as well such as peach, beige, salmon, navy, and khaki.

When you want a casual look, try to wear athletic shorts. Athletics are in fashion so do not think that only with tanks and tees they can be worn.


Boat shoes were invented for the sailors not to slip down on the deck of the boat, therefore the boat shoes were invented and now these become summer fashion for comfort and style. When these are paired up with chinos, shorts, or any other outfit you are wearing, they look perfect. Boat shoes must be there in your wardrobe for summer wear. These shoes your paws a soft and comfortable feeling when you step out in the summers.

Wear light-colored shoes in summers and avoid wearing canvas or other shoes that make your feet sweat and smelly. Try the ones that your foot dry and odor-free all day.


Avoid wearing dark color pants such as indigo-colored till winter comes. Try to wear pants in black color because black pants can be paired up easily with any shirt and always gives a perfect style and look.


When the summer wave hits, choose something light in weight on your hands. Because it is not possible to wear it the whole day, therefore, choose something that looks accurate with any dress you pick.


Vlone Jackets are always in fashion. Find a thinner one, neutral in color such as white, beige or, cream color. Denim that is not underlined is one of the best options to wear. This rule can also be applied with jeans as well such as Levis, denim, or top man bomber jackets.


Try to go for hats that are relaxed and comfortable. Discard your old hats that have become brim or ones that you used to wear at baseball games.


In the end, pick a comfortable set of watches. Avoid heavy watches like leather-strapped, rubber, or metal ones. For example, a Timex watch that has a canvas belt is a good one.

Keep your summer wear light in weight, functional and relaxed but don’t avoid aesthetics.

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