Sue for Loss of Income After a Slip and Fall Injury

After experiencing a slip and fall injury on someone else’s property, it is natural to wonder whether or not you can obtain financial compensation by bringing forth a lawsuit. Depending on the specifics of the case and the circumstances surrounding the case, it may settle out of the court or proceed to a trial.

Loss of Income

The injuries you incur as a result of the slip and fall accident, whether minor or major, can render you unable to attend work. While you focus on recovering from these injuries, the medical bills and everyday expenses may keep piling up.

Lost Wages

If you have been seriously injured in a slip and fall accident, you have rights to legal compensation for the wages lost as a direct result of the accident. If the physical injuries are recoverable, you can receive compensation for the lost income for the recovery period.

Diminished Working Capacity

However, if the injuries cause permanent loss of function or disability, therefore limiting your working capacity, you may be able to sue for the lost working ability.

Vocational Training

In some cases, people lose their working capacity, and to provide for themselves and their family, they have to choose a different line of work. The vocational training required to acclimatize to a new job may also be paid for by the financial compensation obtained as a result of the lawsuit.


You may also receive a lump-sum proportional to the diminished working ability. While it does not improve the quality of life after losing bodily function, the financial compensation can help provide the support you need to power through your life in the wake of a tragic accident.

Working Bonuses

Working bonuses and other incentives that you would otherwise receive if you were not injured in the slip and fall accident are also part of the compensation you may receive through a lawsuit.

Workplace Benefits

You may also sue for the loss of workplace benefits like health care and dental insurance, life insurance, paid vacation, and more.

Incidental Expenses

Aside from the loss of income and diminished working capacity, you may also have peripheral expenses related to the slip and fall injury. For instance, the miscellaneous expenses like gas bills for hospital trips, etc., can also be compensated under incidental expenses.

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Knowing the Cost

The aftermath of a slip and fall injury or any other accident can be confusing, especially if you have never faced such a situation before. While you recover from your injuries, you can sue for damages to reduce your financial burden after the accident. One of the best ways to protect your rights in the wake of an accident is to hire experienced injury lawyers.

The slip and fall lawyers at Salamati Law in Los Angeles, CA can help you through the process of filing the lawsuit, calculating estimated damages, and guiding you through receiving the compensation you need and deserve. Most law firms offer a free initial legal consultation through which you can weigh the benefits of hiring a lawyer to handle your case.

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