Styling A Display Home – Why & How

A display home is one of the best marketing tools a home builder can use to their advantage. As long as they do it correctly. Unfortunately, many builders prefer to leave the display model empty, allowing all their potential buyers to imagine their own things in the home. 

Over the years, the facts have shown that you are more likely to get a sale if you style a display home. People are more visual than anything, so to maximize the effectiveness of the marketing ploy, you want to play on all the triggers they can see.

Styling A Display Home – Why & How

Why Style A Display Home

The question will constantly arise about why you should spend the time and money to style the display home. You need to remember that the first impression is everything. When hooking a buyer into signing a contract, you need to “WOW” them. If they walk into an empty room, they may be impressed, but they will have to try and quickly visualize what furniture and decorations would look like. 

If you have the home already set up, they will not have to spend near as much brain power because all they will have to do is visualize their items in the places where there are already items similar to theirs. They can also picture how they would make things different to match their tastes.

It may seem like it is the same thing either way, but you will find that the imagination of most people needs to be triggered to be effective, which is the entire point of styling a display home through the use of a professional that can maximize the space and arrangements without going overboard.

How To Style A Display Home

Being able to style a house effectively is an art form, even if you are only trying to spice up the appeal of display homes for sale. It is important to remember that people want to walk into a home that looks lived-in and personalized for practical living. It must be set up to efficiently herd foot traffic in and out and maximize the use of the space inside each room. 

  • Furniture Placement – The furniture must be set up like you would have it if you were living in the home, within reason, of course. All the furniture needs to be strategically placed in areas of the room where most people would expect to find them. Do not clutter any rooms just so you can add another piece of furniture. Use the space effectively by ignoring the familiar rules people like to say. That is, avoid “more is better” because it will end up looking more like clutter than anything else.
  • Fewer Throw Rugs – Throw rugs are a great accent piece, but only for homeowners. When styling a display home, avoid extra throw rugs at all costs. Not only are they distracting to potential buyers, but they can also be a trip hazard.
  • Wall Decorations – A display home can seem bland and uninviting because it is brand new. You will need to add some paintings and wall ornaments to make it look homier to people. You want to go with some of the trending decorations for the year, not old items that will bring the home’s appeal down. Never add pictures of people because they distract many, causing them to ask who the family is on the wall since the home has never been lived in before.


It all boils down to setting the display home up in such a way as to look like it is being lived in but also letting the buyers understand that it is brand new to them and to any other person looking to get into their own home. One of the main aspects of marketing that you need to use is the visual responses of consumers and how to trigger them. 

There is a ton of information on this subject, but all you need to do is one thing. Step out of your shoes, step back, and approach as if you were a home buyer seeing the display house for the first time. What would you expect to see, and what would you want to see.

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