Studies Show Tattoos Boost Self-Esteem

Tattoos are a hot topic nowadays. Do they boost self-esteem or are they just a passing trend? As with most things in life, it depends on the person wearing it. If you want to know if tattoos boost self-esteem, research is required. Here are a few studies that may interest you.

A May 2021 British survey concluded that women who had tattoos believed their self-esteem was greater than those without tattoos. Specifically, the survey showed that 35% of women reported that their tattoos improved their confidence. This included more than half of the women who indicated that their tattoos enhanced their confidence while only about one in five women said their self-esteem was worse without a tattoo. These results indicate that a large portion of women believe that tattoos improve their self-esteem.

Another study that compared the attitude of women with men showed that more than three times as many women thought the appearance of their tattoos had no effect on their lives. However, these same women also were quite pleased with the way their tattoos looked on them. Overall, the results demonstrated that tattoos have similar positive effects on both women and men. The studies provide further proof that a woman’s choice of tattoos has little impact on her self-esteem.

A study conducted in 2021 by Dr. Carol Dweck, also of University of British Columbia, showed that there was no significant difference between the opinions of men and women on the subject of tattoos. Both groups were asked if they felt their tattoos enhanced their self-esteem. There was no significant gender difference in this result. Women did report that having tattoos improved their confidence. In addition, both genders correctly generalized the idea that the appearance of tattoos could affect their self-esteem.

A more recent study completed by researchers at Ohio State University revealed that there is indeed a connection between tattoos and feelings of self-worth. The study focused on the reactions of women when looking at pictures of various celebrities. Once again, there was no significant gender difference in the reactions of the women. These results demonstrate that both men and women correctly generalized that seeing pictures of well-known celebrities would boost their self-worth. These studies are important to those who may be unsure that tattoos will enhance their self-esteem.

Many people erroneously assume that celebrities will not care about their tattoos. This assumption is erroneous. As is commonly known, celebrities love their tattoos! In addition, surveys have proven that celebrities feel very strongly about their tattoos, often displaying them proudly.

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