A better alternative to the closet is a huge dresser that has drawers. They come in different dimensions and shapes and can be adapted to any interior style, from traditional to modern. Before anything else, the dresser’s size should be assessed to make sure it is the perfect dimension for your space.

If you don’t have a closet for reasons of any kind, one of the most effective options is to use an alternative dresser. For many homeowners, it’s become an integral part of their bedrooms.

With the help of a dresser, they are able to organize their clothes without spending an enormous amount. A dresser also helps to make room in your bedroom.

This is our guide to dresser dimensions with horizontal, double, and small dresser sizes, as well as how to determine the dimensions of a dresser.

Standard Dresser Drawer Depth
Standard Dresser Drawer Depth

How deep is the typical depth of the Dresser Drawer?

The standard measurement for the dresser drawer measures 60 inches in width and 20 inches deep, and 30 inches tall. Additionally, the depth or height isn’t something that is difficult to figure out. The most frequent variation between a door as well as an open is 3/4 inches.

If, for instance, the dimensions of the drawer’s opening are 4 inches vertically, the drawer must be three and a half inches. But let’s look at the next measurement, which can be counted for a drawer in a dresser.

Dimensions of dresser drawers (Height, Width, and Depth)

When you are looking to purchase or build a dresser drawer, be aware of the measurements of the drawer. We will be discussing the standard dimensions of a dresser drawer’s size, width, and height. Depth to help you easily gauge the size of your drawer. Let’s talk about the issue in depth.

The depth of a drawer in a dresser

When selecting a drawer for your dresser to use in the bedroom or office, or any other area to be used, take into consideration the depth you would like to have for the dresser. You can, however, pick a depth for your dresser between 20 and 36 inches.

However, most manufacturers employed 20 inches for drawers’ depth.

What should be Drawer Width

There is a variety of widths I discovered when choosing a drawer in a dresser. There are three sizes of drawers for dressers such as 18-inch and 26-inch, and 30-inches. If you’re looking to keep the normal dimensions of a dresser drawer, you could choose the three sizes.

Drawer Height in a Dresser

The height of a drawer is an extremely delicate issue for drawers for dressers. I wouldn’t advise you to look for the dimensions of a drawer for a dresser.

Why? Because the height is determined by the space of your window, wall, and other factors. Also, it would help if you took measurements of your wall, window, and other areas before you decide on the best measurement for a drawer in the dresser.

How to Measure the Depth of a Drawer

You may want to know the dimensions in the interior or outside (so you can purchase an organizer to fit in it) or evaluate the dimensions of the drawer you’re thinking of buying; here’s how to measure a drawer.

Unlock the drawer completely and take out the contents. Utilize a measuring tape to take measurements of the depth of the drawer.

Measure from left to right and from the rear towards the side closest to. It is important to note that drawers cannot be constructed on a straight axis which is why you should measure at the middle and the ends to ensure that the ground is covered.

Begin with the lowest point of the drawer and work your way and work up to the top side. This is the same for the side of the drawers well as its sides and the side of the drawer since the panels can differ in the measurements around the drawer.

Repeat the above steps for each drawer of an armoire (or any other piece of furniture). (Just that drawers appear similar in size doesn’t mean they are the same size, and if you require accurate measurements for your drawers, you’ll need to follow the extra steps.)

Dimensions of the Dresser

Typical Dresser

A horizontal-style dresser is usually accepted as the standard dresser. It’s not just the most popular and widely used, but it’s also one of the more well-liked. It has two to three rows of wide and long drawers. Sometimes, it could include a top row comprised of several smaller drawers.

The typical dresser is between 30 and 50 inches high and 30 to 70 inches wide with 18 to 24 inches in depth.

Apart from offering ample storage space for clothes, a dresser has plenty of space to display. It’s not uncommon for people to utilize the tabletop of a typical drawer to display frames for pictures and a collection of books or even a TV. Many come with mirrors that match the design of their dresser.

Dresser with two compartments

There are also other kinds of dressers, like the double dresser. It’s a larger model of the dresser, with two columns that are wide and have plenty of drawers.

It is ideal for couples sharing rooms. It is also a choice for storage space for small children. But, it isn’t suitable for small spaces due to the dimensions. Double drawers can be as wide as 60 inches in width.

Dresser for Small Rooms

It is also possible to use small dressers for your young children. Small dressers are primarily used to store the clothes of kids. It is also commonly found as a guest room.

They’re usually small and squat with up to three drawers wide, ranging from between 30 and 40″. The drawers with smaller sizes usually have no mirror built-in.


Also, there’s the combination dresser, which is a blend of cabinet and dresser. It is comprised of one or two cabinets attached either to the side or in the middle inside the drawer.

With different-sized shelves and drawers, the combo dresser can be used to store different clothing and accessories. It is also possible to store scarves, belts, shoes, and hats in a combination dresser.

You can see there are a variety of kinds of dressers on the market, so you’ll likely find one to be suited to your needs. However, there are other aspects to be aware of about dressers, so continue reading to learn more about choosing and placing the perfect dresser in your bedroom.

How Do You Pick A Dresser?

If you’ve got grasped the various dimensions and types of dressers, you may consider buying an item for the bedroom. The next question you’ll have to think about will be, “how do I select the right dresser for me?

The most important thing to consider concerns the dimension of your bedroom in which you plan to put the dresser. Before ordering the dresser, you should have taken measurements of the room in which you’ll put the dresser.

Take measurements of the height, depth as well as width space and ensure that there isn’t a door that could hinder getting the dresser open.

The fashion of dressers is also significant. Dressers do come in various designs. The best option for your bedroom would be one that is in keeping with the style and design of your room.

You can pick from contemporary, modern, as well as traditional dressing tables. Traditional dressers feature elaborate designs and carvings. They’re usually made from wood. This is the design of a dresser you’d like for a stylish style. However, modern dressers feature straight lines while modern dressers are minimalist in appearance.

It is also important to determine the purpose of your dresser. If you’re looking to store items such as towels and clothes, and other household items, you’ll require larger dressers. However, if you want to store smaller items such as clothes and accessories, then you may need to choose smaller drawers.

Of course, you must not sacrifice quality for style. Therefore, you should think about a high-end dresser or one that has sturdy wheels with smooth drawers.

There are other factors you must think about when buying furniture, such as dressers. The mirror is the most important. A dresser that has mirrors is not only attractive, but it can make your bedroom appear larger and more bright. Make sure the mirror is in line with the dimensions of your dresser.

In addition, you should think about your budget. This will allow you to select the ideal dresser that meets your needs. Create a budget, and then you could limit your choices to a couple of dresser models.

Selecting the Best Dresser Height for Your Needs

Based on the dimensions of your room along with storage requirements and designs that you like various types of dressers are suitable for your bedroom.

If you’ve got a small space with low ceilings, this is an ideal solution.

Combo dressers come with an armoire as well as a conventional chest of drawers within the same furniture piece. While they can provide the most space options for storage, but they do come with a cost in terms of storage space since they generally have fewer drawers than a traditional dresser.

If you’re looking for an edgier, less formal style, an upright chest for a bachelor might be the best choice. It has a slim frame and a single column with up to four drawers. It also has a slimmer design than the majority of dressers. The chests of bachelors are typically placed in a window and do not block the view giving storage space to an inefficient space.

Larger rooms with soaring ceilings

In areas with lots of overhead space Additionally, there are storage options that are taller than the standard dresser’s height. Based on their name, highboys are ideal for rooms that are narrow and tall. The height can vary widely, maxing at about 6 or 7 feet.

If you want a more flexible storage solution with space to lay clothes out and dry them off, consider an armoire. Armoires typically have dimensions that are 60 inches wide, 17 inches deep, and 60 inches tall, more than double the standard dresser’s height, and use about the same area of the area on the floor.

Dressers for Children

Selecting the best youngsters’ dresser size comes with particular considerations. Most likely to last through multiple modifications to nursery cribs or beds as well as favorite colors or themes and classic designs, the bureaus that have classic designs are an excellent purchase.

A dresser that has a large top that sits at waist height can be used as a changing table or dresser table and free up the space in infants’ rooms. But, take care when choosing the size of your dresser. As toddlers grow, small children will require more space to play. The dresser’s size should be proportional to the area that can open up the floor plan, particularly in smaller rooms.

What Is the Standard Dresser Drawer Depth?

Standard furniture widths can differ little from manufacturer to manufacturer. For instance, when looking at the drawers in a chest, you can find furniture as narrow as 10 inches or as wide as 46 inches or more.

The height of the drawers within the chest may also differ between 3 and 4 inches and can be up to 12 inches wide.


In terms of storage for your bedroom, you generally can choose from three options — chests, armoires, and dressers. 

Dressers are typically large and can be fitted with two drawer columns, while armoires are high and can have drawers and a cabinet space that is accessible via doors.

The chest of drawers tends to be less narrow and is an excellent choice for small spaces. An armoire can be positioned high as well as lower and include many drawers.

Standard Dimensions

While there isn’t a standard size for the chest of drawers, The most popular dimension will be 38″ wide. The chest that size is compact enough to fit into the majority of bedrooms but big enough to provide ample storage space. The drawers are also compact enough that they will not fall or slide over time.


Furniture makers generally create furniture with sizes that benefit from the dimensions of the wood that is used for the construction. For instance, if the wood panels have lengths of 6,7 or 8 feet, that is why making chests of drawers with widths that are 36 inches, 42 inches, and 48 inches will allow the maker to make use of every inch of wood with no wasted wood. Chests of drawers are almost always made with lengths that are in even numbers.

Things to Consider

When choosing a chest of drawers, take into consideration the dimensions of the room as well as the purpose for which you intend to use it. For instance, a slim or spacious chest of drawers in the room of a child will allow the child to access the drawers without being able to climb.

Make sure that the drawers in the chest aren’t in the way of windows or block access to closets. The drawers in a chest should feature runners that are easy to slide and be durably constructed.

For determining if the set of drawers would fit into your home, take a cut of butcher or newspaper according to the dimensions of the furniture. Set the newspapers on the ground, in the designated location for the piece of furniture.

Final verdict

It is essential to select the proper size drawer for their dresser. Different brands use various widths, depths, and heights. This is a great option when you are aware of the measurements of your room or space and also which drawers are in your dresser.

Dressers are never out of fashion. It’s an excellent purchase if you’re beginning a family or simply living on your own.

Dimensions of a typical dresser range from 30 to 50 inches high, 30-70 inches wide as well as 18-24 inches in depth. Remember these measurements when you are looking for the perfect dresser for the bedroom.

I hope that these measurements can help you to determine the dimensions of your dresser drawer. If you’re still unsure about this topic, contact me via a note in the comment box.


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