5 Sports Venues You Must Visit

The world of sport offers some truly incredible sporting venues, but which ones can you simply not afford to miss out on when it comes to experiencing a live match?

Below, we have compiled our five sports stadiums to visit in your lifetime.

Signal Iduna Park

While the Signal Iduna Park may only be the seventh biggest football stadium in Europe with a maximum capacity of 81,365, this venue is one not to be missed. Bundesliga giants Borussia Dortmund call it their home and so usually provide a free-flowing and entertaining performance whenever they play.

Few would bet with Hollywood Bets that Signal Iduna Park would have made this shortlist. However, the reason they make it onto this list is for the famous yellow wall.

In the south stand of Signal Iduna Park is a mass of yellow (the color of Dortmund’s home shirt) with the noise and sight enough to make any faint-hearted opposition player seriously reconsider their options when looking to attack that end. The yellow wall helps to make Dortmund’s stadium one of the most famous venues in the sport.

Millennium Stadium

Millennium Stadium

The only British stadium on the list and for good reason. The Millennium Stadium (now called the Principality Stadium, but few fans have strayed from calling it the former), is the biggest sports stadium in Wales and it is home to some of the best sports fans in the world.

The Welsh, known for their melodic voices and love of song, make the Millennium Stadium a cauldron of noise when the Welsh rugby team play. Few atmospheres in the world of sport can match that of game day in Cardiff and, if you can get tickets to go and see Wales host England in the Six Nations, you will be left with goosebumps when the Welsh sing their national anthem: Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau.

Camp Nou

Barcelona’s stadium is one that climbs and climbs and climbs. Walking into the stadium is like something out of a fantasy novel, and the wall of noise that you are hit by in the 99,354 seat stadium is awe-inspiring. The very pinnacle of watching a game at Camp Nou was heightened simply because Lionel Messi played for the Catalan giants.

Barcelona’s fans have seen some truly wonderful footballers, but they have not ever held someone in such reverence as Messi, with the entire crowd taking a sharp intake of breath whenever he got the ball, regardless of where he was standing.

Despite the Camp Nou being without Messi now, it is still definitely one stadium you simply have to see to believe.

Narendra Modi Stadium

Narendra Modi Stadium

The biggest stadium in India and the world, the Narendra Modi Stadium can reportedly host up to 132,000 fans and, if you know anything about cricket, it’s that the Indian fans are absolutely incredible at creating and maintaining a brilliant atmosphere at cricket matches.

The stadium itself is not the most well-known but, even if you don’t like cricket itself, it is worth going just to see the biggest stadium in the world. However, if you can go and see India play a T20 cricket match there, then it will not disappoint.

Michigan Stadium

Affectionately named ‘The Big House’, it does not take much brainpower to work out why, with this 107,601 capacity stadium that reportedly boasts a record attendance of 115,109 in September 2013, is one of the most daunting and impressive stadiums in the world.

The Michigan Stadium is the home of the University of Michigan and is the biggest stadium in the USA and the western hemisphere. It is reported that the stadium itself could be extended to 150,000 seats, and that would only serve to emphasize the sheer scale of one of the world’s most impressive stadiums.


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