CR7, David Beckham, The Williams Sisters: Sports Stars to Have Had A Clothing Line

With the sports industry perhaps being one of the most followed around the world, it is hardly a shock to find that there are a number of influential people who compete across the variety of competitive activities that take place.

Naturally, there are a number of different stories that each individual may have that have allowed them to be rather successful within their professional lives, which has then gone on to inspire a number of people who follow them and support whatever they go on to do.

Indeed, those that are able to achieve the biggest things within their sport will be able to ensure that they achieve a status of being a celebrity, which will immediately thrust the global limelight on them, therefore making them instantly marketable for businesses, companies, and brands all around the world.

However, whilst there are a number of them that will want to try and take advantage of the situation and the opportunity that is available, many athletes have decided to try and make the most of it themselves by introducing their own clothing lines. Indeed, many have proven that they can be successful in doing so, with many having snapped up the items that have been created and continuing to do so with each new launch that takes place.

These are just some of the sportspeople to have been able to implement their own clothing lines.

Serena Williams

One of the world’s most successful tennis players across both the male and female disciplines, Serena Williams is one of the biggest stars to have ever played the competitive game and one that has become a role model and source of inspiration for so many around the planet, as well.

Whilst she still competes and juggles life with being a mother amongst many other things, she has a successful clothing line called “Serena” which is inclusive and has been designed with practicality in mind, although formal and casual options are both available.

Venus Williams

Serena is not the only impressive Williams sister in the family, though, as Venus is another of tennis’ greatest players to have ever taken to a court. Whilst she may not have been as successful as her sister in regards to winning Grand Slams, Venus does have the same background in fashion that Serena has, as she earned an associate degree in fashion design from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale in 2007. Since then, she has managed to launch EleVen, a woman’s lifestyle brand that has proven to be rather popular.

Roger Federer

One of the most successful male tennis players to have dominated the circuit and an individual that is still favoured to do rather well at the upcoming Australian Open in regards to the sports betting odds available, Roger Federer is a household name around the globe.

The Swiss superstar is known for being rather fashionable, even when he takes to the court, and has been a spokesperson and ambassador for a number of brands for a number of years. Although he has teamed up with the likes of Nike and Rolex, he entered the fashion world with Uniqlo and has signed an agreement as a brand ambassador in the past, which allowed him to pick and choose his look whilst individuals like you and I are also able to copy it.

David Beckham

Once crowned as the “Sexiest Man Alive”, David Beckham has become known for a lot more than his exploits as a footballer (soccer player) over the years. In fact, it could be argued that he has become more of a celebrity and a role model for many since hanging his boots up. Becks, who is married to Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice of the Spice Girls), has dabbled in plenty, including his own fashion line.

He had been involved with British fashion brand, Kent & Curwen, up until 2020 before deciding to quit because of continued losses.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Perhaps the modern-era’s most famous footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo is known around the world as being one of the men that many would suggest “has it all”. The Portuguese superstar can be considered to be a walking billboard for almost any product in any industry as many will immediately feel as though they want it.

Indeed, the CR7 brand is worth billions, which is why it is hardly a surprise that he has tried to make the most out of it, including introducing a fashion line that is still going extremely strong. Initially launching as an underwear collection, it has grown to include socks, denim, and even men’s shirts.

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