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Top 10 Sports Betting Tips And Best Sports To Play Statistically

What is statistically the best sport to bet on?

The online sports betting industry is vast, with bookies featuring a plethora of local and international sports events to entice every kind of bettor. The commonly picked games amongst gambling enthusiasts are NFL, NBA, NHL, Tennis, Rugby, Cricket, and Boxing.

But sports gambling is not a game of hunch. Hence, novice bettors must follow some crucial rules to wager their hard-earned dollars strategically and safely. Let’s delve into some expert-recommended sports betting tips.

Start With A Money Plan

Setting a budget is the first step toward responsible gambling for any sports game you choose. So as a beginner, start slow when playing for real money. You can consider a daily, weekly, or monthly betting budget.

Besides, ensure to sign up for an online sportsbook with low minimum deposit limits. Alternatively, wager on the sites allowing users to personalize their betting limits according to their financial plan. 

Manage Your Bankroll

There will always be both good days and bad days in sports betting. So, don’t chase your losses and winnings with the hope of earning more with the next bet. Rather, reduce your betting amount if you just lost a wager. 

Instead of keeping a goal to win more, aim to lose less. It is ideal to wager only 1% – 5% of your bankroll, so you won’t end up broke.

Profit From Bonus Promos

Bonuses are the charms of betting sites that can improve a bettor’s winning chances. For instance, new sportsbook members can earn free bet credits by claiming Welcome Bonus after registration. These free bets you can use on any sports event of your choice.

But there’s much more. Bookies release various promotions year-round to suffice all the members. It can include a No Deposit Bonus, Risk-free Bets, 25% Crypto Reload, and others.

However, bonuses come with rollover or playthrough requirements, such as 25x or 50x. Only after fulfilling this requirement can you cash out your winning bets. So use a promo with easy-to-meet rollover rules.

Select Sports You Know

A varied sports portfolio on e-sportsbooks doesn’t mean you can pick any event that grabs your attention. To try your beginner’s luck, only select the sports game that you know in and out. 

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A profound knowledge base about the specific game, team, or players boosts your chances of wagering on the winning event. So if you’re a basketball fanatic, stick to that!

Further, stay up-to-date about the recent trends and analyze past games before placing a bet on your favorite sports team.

Compare The Odds

Every online sports betting platform posts different betting odds. So after picking the sports, the next crucial step is comparing various sportsbooks to find the best odds to bet. 

Suppose you found +185 odds for underdog team Buffalo Bills on a betting site while +195 odds on another. Even 10 points difference can play an integral role in winning the bet. So to get better odds, you must make a savvy choice between the various bookies. 

Shopping for odds on various sports betting sites can also be profitable. This way, you can diversify and amplify your bankroll. Newbies can choose the bookie offering competitive betting odds after going through the ranking of the top offshore sportsbooks.

Learn To Read ATS

Against The Spread or ATS is a stat that enables you to compare the teams’ performance during the matchups and against the point spread set by bookies. The point spreads can vary based on various factors, such as weather, player’s absence, injury reports, or the amount of bet placed on a specific team. 

Consider gambling on a sports team beating the odds more than half the time of the betting line.

Understand Bet Types

Like the sports market, you’ll also find various bet types on e-sportsbooks. Since they come with different rules, you can’t pick any of the betting types you like. 

Here’s the list of frequently available bet types on sports betting sites.

Moneyline Bets: Bettor will place a wager directly on the winner or draw of the sports game. Also known as a straight bet, it is the most popular bet for both novice and professional gamblers.

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Over/Under (Total) Bets: Another interesting bet type in which bookies will collectively set a total score of both teams during the event. You have to punt over or under this combined final score. It is an excellent option to kickstart the sports betting experience for beginners. 

Point Spread Bets: The oddsmaker will set the point spread by forecasting the margin of victory. To win the stake on the underdog team, it should either win the game outright or lose by less than the given points spread. But you’ll win a bet on the favorite if it wins the game by more than the spread on the site.

Parlay Bets: In this, punters bet on multiple events to earn a higher winning amount. But you’ll receive the payout only if you win wagers on all the chosen events. Ideally, beginners should avoid this challenging betting option.

Prop Bets: Also called proposition bets, you will wager on possible events that may happen during the matchup. For example, team scoring first, the number of penalties by a team, or total passing yards.

Future Bets: As the name suggests, bettors punt on the future outcome of sports even before the season begins, such as next year’s Super Bowl League and an MVP award winner. 

Wrapping Up…

Sports gambling is not a race. Staying patient is a key to action in this gaming industry. Ask any betting pro, and they won’t agree more. From sports knowledge, odds, and points spread to bet types; several factors come into play for placing a winning bet. 

So always gamble with the long-term goal of building your bankroll. The rule of thumb should be to risk what you can afford to lose. 

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