Britain started regulating online gambling in 2005 when it passed the Gambling Act. That is the law that created the UK Gambling Commission and ushered in a new era in UK’s betting history books. For the past fifteen years, this market has established itself as Europe’s most developed and regulated one, producing a gross gambling yield of £14 billion per year. Naturally, that was before the pandemic shut down land-based sportsbooks across the country. Now, internet ones are all the rage, as the UKGC recently reported that Britain’s online gross gaming yield hit a new high of £6.85 billion for the twelve months ending on 31 March 2021. That is not counting revenues that Brits generated from betting sites not on GamStop, or in other words, foreign online bookmakers. Below, an analysis follows concerning Sports betting sites not on GamStop, and how they stack up with top-shelf UK ones.

The Current UK Betting Market

Research shows that 5.6% of the UK public enjoys betting on sports. The pastime itself in Britain dates back to before the 16th-century when the Unlawful Games Act 1541 made it illegal. In the 18th century, horse racing gained traction as a spectator hobby, with wagering being vital to its funding and the growth of this sport. Over the centuries, the legality of different betting activities differed in Britain. However, with the enforcement of the 2005 Gambling Act, the UK now has one of the most strictly monitored betting regions on Earth.

Sports-wise, football dominates this sector, taking up a whopping 48% of the pie, ranking number one in terms of bets placed. Horse racing, a UK tradition, also does well by coming in in second place with 28% of wagers made on sporting events in Britain.

However, despite Brits being so crazy about sports betting, growing fears that their love for this activity may turn into an obsession made the UKGC recently announce new measures that limit the online betting experience. These aim to curb gambling addiction rates rising in the UK, something that experts see as unavoidable. That notion stems from a 2020 YouGov survey that 2.7% of adults in Great Britain suffer from a compulsion towards this pastime, and more people than ever are getting hooked on it. Something that many see as an over-exaggeration. Nevertheless, the UKGC took immediate action following this research by lowering max bet limits and implementing irreversible self-exclusion bans valid for all UKGC-licensed platforms. That caused many bettors to gravitate to non UK bookmakers, meaning betting sites not on GamStop.

How Do Sports Betting Sites Not on GamStop Operate

Bookmakers not on GamStop like those offered at are nothing scary. They are gambling operators with a base of operation in another country that allows online gambling. Thus, they get regulated by that territory’s betting licensor. For example, Malta is Europe’s top interactive gaming haven, and its overseer/licensor is the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). That is a body active in this industry since 2001, responsible for regulating hundreds of gambling platforms that offer their services worldwide. The MGA incorporates many of the same safety protocols as the UKGC, and it attempts to replicate its enthusiasm for gambler care. Other top-end foreign online gambling regulators include Curacao’s four master license holders, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, and Panama’s Gaming Control Board.

In short, bookies not on GamStop, are gambling sites not licensed by the UKGC to offer betting services to Brits. Meaning, they do not participate in the UKGC’s mandatory self-exclusion scheme named GamStop, which went live in March 2020. While most reputable bookmakers not on GamStop are legit operators, no one should use them to bypass a GamStop self-exclusion. Doing so is dangerous and could lead to drastic financial and emotional consequences.

Non GamStop Betting Sites vs. UK Sportsbooks

Non GamStop bookies are not superior to UK ones. They are merely different. Each platform category boasts specific pros and cons. Their main ones are:

Benefits of UK-Based Sportsbooks

  • GamStop self-exclusion.
  • IBAS third-party dispute resolution.
  • GBP is always accepted.
  • Coverage of all favorite UK sporting events.

Drawbacks of UK-Based Sportsbooks

  • Limited access to global niche sports markets.
  • Limited bonuses.
  • Credit cards are not allowed.
  • Restrictive wagering limits.

Positives of Betting Sites Not on GamStop

  • Enticing promotions.
  • Coverage of global sports markets.
  • Access to assorted casino-style products.
  • Fewer wagering limitations.
  • Vast selection of payment methods.

Negatives of Betting Sites Not on GamStop

  • GBP may not always be available.
  • No universal self-exclusion bans.
  • No listed authorized third-party resolution service.
  • Multiple active unlicensed sites.

What Gaming Products Do Non GamStop Casinos Host?

Most operators these days look to jazz up their betting portfolios by including multiple gambling options on their platforms. That means providing casino-style entertainment, poker, lottery-like games, and more. Slots are the favored pick for most newbie online casino enthusiasts, and they produce upwards of 80% of all interactive gaming revenues. British gamblers prefer to play titles from this genre at non UK bookmakers with a casino section, as these platforms do not have to adhere to the UKGC’s gambling addiction measures. Those restrictions entail the implementation of spin timers, low max bet limits, and no auto-play function. They also often feature a more robust range of reel-spinning products than their UK counterparts. That is so because the UKGC has stringent technical requirements that game providers must fulfill before offering their products to the UK market. Something many are not willing to do.

The Final Call on Non GamStop Bookies

Ultimately, it is tough to decide what platform type UK bettors should choose. UKGC sites, or bookmakers not on GamStop. Essentially, it all boils down to personal preference. UKGC platforms supply superior bettor protection, while foreign ones offer more diversity in virtually all departments. Hence, it is entirely up to each gambler to consider his needs and weigh the pros and cons of each site category before settling on a preferred pick. International regulators cannot compete with the UKGC, but that does not mean that their licensees are inferior in any way. The best course of action is to check out multiple non GamStop bookies before rendering a final verdict regarding these sites.