Spine Problems and Simple Steps to Improve Overall Spine Health

Many people suffer from issues like the inability to perform their day to day tasks effectively just because the spine hurts? This is quite a common problem among people who have not been keeping in touch with healthy habits and an overall healthy lifestyle.

Your spine is responsible for optimal bodily performance. There are millions of people across the world suffering from spinal health problems one way or the other. Having spinal health issues can lead to a deteriorating quality of life, poor social life, and even worse health status. In order to have a better lifestyle, physically and mentally, a healthy spine is the key to all your problems.

Causes of Spinal Problems

Every year almost 500,000 people suffer from spinal injuries one way or the other. No matter what, there are several different reasons why people suffer from spinal problems. The most common reasons why people suffer from deteriorating spine health are:

  • Obesity
  • Excessive weight lifting
  • Bad posture
  • Sitting for a prolonged period of time
  • Sleeping in the wrong position
  • Old age
  • Car accident back pain

These are just some of the most common reasons however, once studied in detail, you will find this topic divided into different branches and intensities.

Steps to Take Care of Your Spine

Spinal pain is known as a leading cause of disabilities. You need to take care of your spine – cervical and lumbar to make sure that you’re healthy and are not experiencing any form of discomfort, pain, and inability to perform day-to-day tasks effectively. Several of the measures that you may follow to boost your spinal health are nothing more than improved body movements or, in your everyday work, you walk and carry yourself.

Here are some extremely effective tips that you can consider:

Ensure That You Are Lifting Weights Properly

It is quite easy to hurt your spinal muscles just by moving them in the wrong way. Many people work in superstores where manually lifting grocery items is quite common. Lifting these boxes on a daily basis will definitely have an impact on your spine.

Health experts recommend that bending with your knees will reduce the chances of getting a spinal injury. Stand really close to the object that you intend to lift and emphasize more on the hands and knees while lifting the item instead of lifting it with your spine. Keep the head aligned with the spine and make sure it’s completely straight. Also, since technology is advancing, get help with the help of machinery.

People who visit the gym should also take comments and training manuals presented by their gym trainers very seriously. It is advised to seek the services of a professional trainer who will help you in understanding weight lifting and advise you on what weights are best and easily sustainable by their spine.

Take Proper Sleep

Sleeping is beneficial for not only your brain and eyes but it also has a healthy impact on your overall health. Accident doctors and general therapists agree on the statement that for a healthy spine, taking proper sleep is important.

Your body needs proper sleep to repair itself and all the muscles that are compromised during the everyday hustle. What is the best position to sleep? Well, definitely not on your stomach. Sleeping on the stomach can actually lead to intense pressure on the spine. It is recommended that you sleep on the side. Sleeping on the side will be quite beneficial for your spinal health. Not only does it reduce the collapsed airways but it is also helpful in preventing issues that people suffer from like sleep apnea. Patients seeking car accident pain management for the spine are also advised to invest in a supportive mattress that adjusts their spinal alignment.

Stretch Your Body Everyday

Although it might not be important for you to work out or pull a cardio routine every day (it is recommended though) – stretching out every day can actually lead to a healthy spine. You will be able to get more flexible. By maintaining a flexible body, your joints and spine will be less prone to injuries. People who stretch every day have mentioned that they have an increased range of motion as well as a better standard of living.

Maintain an Active Lifestyle

Having a desk job full time at Wall Street with all the busy people might look charming but honestly having a sedentary lifestyle with very little activity can have a bad impact on the spine. Being physically inactive can deteriorate your spine’s health.

Incorporate activity in your daily lifestyle. For example, going for a walk for an hour every morning can help you stay in touch with your body and push it to gain stamina, burn calories, boost metabolism, and also align the spine. It is recommended that you walk 10,000 steps every day at a reasonable pace to get the long-term benefits of walking. Apart from walking, adding different exercise routines like mild jogging, Tabata routines, or HIIT exercises can help you increase the heart rate and get the benefits of a healthy spine. Lifting weight might sound daunting but it does have its benefits when it comes to building core endurance and spine alignment.

Drink Enough Water

Staying hydrated is extremely important for your overall health. How many times while scrolling your Instagram feed you come across posts that recommend staying hydrated and drinking more water? Almost every day!

Water is important to maintain the elasticity in your soft tissues and keep the fluid in the joints at an optimal level. Drinking less water can actually reduce fluids in the joints and results in the deterioration of a healthy spine. Many people start losing their height this way.

Patients suffering from car accident back pain due to spinal disc herniation can also worsen as they lose joint fluid over time. Just make sure that you drink almost 4 liters of water every day and not only will you see your spine strengthening but also you will get the benefits of smooth glowing skin.

Lose Weight

Are you struggling with weight? Because if you are, your spine is the most common victim – bearing the pressure of excess fat. People don’t realize that their body suffers from 30 times more pressure on the joints. So if you are obese, imagine the pressure that your spine can go through. Simply by losing 20 to 25 pounds, you can make a significant difference in the way you live, sit, stand, and perform everyday chores. Obese people have to go through more sessions of car accident pain management sessions because they are more prone to damage caused by their weight along with the injuries caused by the accident.


Spine-health is extremely important. People can suffer from spinal health issues due to a number of problems. Although it is quite irritating to have a spine that hurts all the time but, just by making simple changes in your diet, lifestyle, and activity levels, you can certainly get a spine that is healthy, perfectly aligned, and does not hurt. It doesn’t matter if you have time or not but you must notice all the warning signs and visit your doctor in case of anything serious.

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