The Best Ways to Spend Your OSRS Gold to Earn More Gold

Gold trade in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) is a legendary practice. Mainly because gold is the main currency in OSRS. The more gold you have the easier it is to upgrade your character’s skills and improving your win rate in combats. Basically everything in the game requires gold and players are always hungry to get more gold.   However, there are still a number of players who are skeptical about spending real money for gold coin since it takes a long time to earn a lot of gold that you can sell for cash.

Fortunately there are ways you can use your OSRS gold effectively to earn you more gold coins as you play. Below is a deep dive into some of the ways you can spend you OSRS gold to earn more coins.

  • Use your coin on stamina potions

Think of stamina potion as an energy bar. The potion restores your characters run energy per dose, usually 20% of your characters energy. This reduces the rate at which your player’s energy depletes while running. It will roughly cost you 50,000 RuneScape gold per hour to consistently dose your player.

It might sound like much but it has long term benefits. For instance, consider the Blast Furnace. Here you have to use a lot of energy to run back and forth the entire quest. When you use stamina potions you could make around 4,000 steel bars per hour instead of the average 3,425 bars an hour without the potion. Therefore, you will make a higher profit when you use stamina potions, usually 450,000 RS gold per hour. This is higher than the 380,000 gold you will make when you are not using the stamina potion. In addition you will also improve your smithing skills experience. Thus investing some portion of OSRS gold on stamina potions can go a long way in ensuring you earn more coins.

  • Invest in Cannon

It might seem an expensive undertaking to use cannon because you will have to spend money on cannonballs, so most gamers tend to avoid it. However, using cannon in your game fasten your slayer tasks such as Suqah, Dagannoths, and Kalphites. This improvers your slayer experience per hour and makes you finish the quests and levels much faster so that you can play those that give you more money.

You can easily take an hour in Kalphite task without a cannon, but you can cut this time by about 40 mins when you use a cannon. You can use the saved time to perform other task that need a cannon. Also, you can perform Nechryael or Gargoyle quest that earn you a lot of gold coins.

Cannonballs go for around 400,000 golds per hour. Meaning spending 400,000 gold coins will save you 40 minutes.  Even thought it might take some time to get back the money you spent because of you low level slayer but a good money maker can use the 40 minutes and get to a higher level because of the faster slayer experience.

You can use the money you earned in the blast furnace to pay for the cannonballs. You don’t need to use the cannons for every single tasks, but making good use of it will improve your slayer experience and save you time and money in the long run.

  • Degradable armor

It is no secret that most gamers avoid investing in a degradable armor because it is a liability, it will cost you money even after you purchase it. But, truth be told there will come a time you need safe and cheap RS gold for an armor upgrading to save yourself a lot of time and get more cash.

For example, consider the Dharuk’s armor when playing the Nightmare zone. When you wear the armor you will get 80,000 XP per hour when training. On the other hand using a melee gear and a whip only gets you 70,000 XP per hour.

To level up to higher levels such as level 99 attack, you need to spend close to 157hours if you are using a whip. But with barrow gear, you need only 137 hours, this saves you close to 20 hours which you can use to perform other tasks.

In combat, gears such as the Barrows gear take a long time, close to 15 hours, before it degrades completely. So you will need to repair the armor 9 times at a cost of about 330,000 gold each time. This sums up to a total of about 3M RuneScape gold, but is will save you 20 hours in which you can make the 3M back.

Final thoughts

You don’t need to spend money on every item available on the grand exchange. It is important to strategically buy and invest on the appropriate skills and items that will improve your character and earn you money as well. The above mentions ways can help you spend your OSRS gold wisely.

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