8 Ways to Spend Her Autumn Birthday

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, which is your favorite season of all? For those with a birthday in those ladies who have a birthday in the Fall, that answer is simple! To mention just a few reasons why, there is the cool crisp weather, beautiful fall foliage, pumpkins, hay rides, turkey, candy apples, and yes, her birthday of course!

The Autumn months are an ideal time to venture outdoors, so there are plenty of activities to embark on to make her birthday a fabulous event she will surely enjoy! We have compiled a list of 8 ideas to help you on your way to planning that picture perfect Autumn birthday just for her!

8 Ways to Spend Her Autumn Birthday

  • Visit a Pumpkin Patch

What better way to spend her birthday than to take her on a classic hay ride to her favorite pumpkin patch. Enjoy the scenery, pick that perfect pumpkin, and encourage everyone on the ride to partake in a chorus of “Happy Birthday” on the hay ride back to civilization.

  • Fill up on Gourmet Foods

Does she have an appreciation for fresh baked goodies? Surprise her with a gift basket for her filled to the brim with delicious gourmet treats. Spend her birthday sharing gourmet brownies, cookies, pastries and savory snacks while enjoying the scenery outdoors. Gourmet treats always go ideally well with a cup of coffee or a charming bottle of wine. It’s the picture-perfect way to spend her birthday indulging in goodies together!

  • Take Her on a Winery Tour

Is the lady in your life a wine connoisseur, or does she simply enjoy a flavorful glass of wine to relax after a long day? If this is your lady, take her on a Winery Tour for her birthday. She will enjoy the scenic strolls through seemingly limitless rows of grapevines, paired perfectly with a selection of opportunities for wine tasting. It’s an extraordinary way to spend her birthday!

  • Go Apple Picking

Apples are delicious on their own. Whether she enjoys Granny Smith, Cortland, Red Delicious, Gala, Golden Delicious, or another variety, she will surely enjoy picking her own apples to indulge in! Enjoy the beautiful scenery, the sweet smell of the apple orchard, and a fresh baked birthday apple pie!

  • Attend a Fall Food Festival

The Autumn season is truly all about great friends, and great food! With the food truck parties, craft beer events, and Barbeque feasts, there will be plenty of events to choose from to take her to for her birthday! Spend the day with entertainment, music, great friends, great food and drinks everyone will appreciate and enjoy! Oh, and don’t forget the birthday cake!

  • Go on a Ghost Hunt

Does she enjoy all that is spooky? Does she watch all of those paranormal shows on TV? Does she know every piece of supernatural evidence finding equipment, and how to use them? Or is she just curious or entertained by the possibility of a spirit or ghost? If so, book a ghost hunt for her birthday! For many events, dinner and even a birthday cake may be included before and after the ghost hunt. You all may even catch a spectral rendition of “Happy Birthday!”

  • Attend a Carnival

If there is one simple and undisputed fact about the Autumn months, that fact is that the Fall season is Carnival Season! Take her to a carnival for her birthday, and treat her to a night of bright, colorful lights, great music, lively entertainment, games, rides, popcorn, cotton candy, and all of the fun and excitement a carnival has to offer!

  • Take a Scenic Drive

If peace, calm and the magnificence of nature is her thing, take her on a long scenic drive for her birthday. Whether you plan to drive to a destination, or just take a long, relaxing scenic drive, the fall foliage and beauty of the season will surely captivate her appreciation of nature on her birthday.

With these 8 outdoor activities and more, there’s absolutely no doubt as to why anyone with a birthday in the Autumn months wouldn’t favor the season! The seasonal holidays, like Halloween and Thanksgiving, all of the food, treats, drinks and Fall events make it a spectacular season to relish.

With the cool and comfortable weather, brilliant scenery, so much to do, and so many places to go, don’t just celebrate with a traditional balloons, streamers and birthday cake. Compliment that traditional birthday cake and take her on a fabulous birthday adventure she will always remember!

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