Spain Is the Perfect Destination for Digital Nomads

Spain, the word itself carries a positive vibe nowadays. Whenever we hear it we get excited to experience the exotic locations, art, road trips, beaches, underwater diving, skydiving etc. All thanks to the recent Hollywood and Bollywood flicks. Not only Spain has become one of the most considered places to trip with families and friends, but the country has gained popularly for hosting solo travellers and digital nomads as well. Sounds exciting, right?

What is a Digital Nomad?

Firstly a digital nomad is a location independent person and with advanced technological support they work remotely from anywhere travelling throughout the world. A person, who is looking for a suitable remote workplace, then Spain is the ideal destination. He can make his base at one place or travel throughout the country.

Spain, the Perfect Place

Trust the words when someone says Spain has a lot in her kitty to offer for the digital nomads. There are certain criterias which make a destination suitable for a nomad. Lets have a sneak peak at the facts how Spain covers them.

  1. High Speed Internet – Perhaps the most important criteria of all. A digital nomad needs a high speed internet as it is directly proportional to consistent and focussed work to meet the respective deadlines or expectations of the companies they work for. Here in Spain every Airbnb, hotel, hostel provides high speed Wi-Fi, even the restaurants and the coffee shops.

Tip: At very remote places where there can be Wi-Fi issues one can buy prepaid sim card from service providers like Orange, Vodafone, Yoigo or Movistar. They can save your life at places without Wi-Fi.

  1. Cost of Living – The next great fact about Spain is that the country offers a variety of budget options for long term stays which include accommodation, long term rentals, food, leisure activities etc. Though the prominent cities like, Madrid or Barcelona offer a variety of options and can be very much attractive for the young Nomads for the energy around, but if one can move a little further like Malaga or Tenerife, they can save up to 40% more on living cost, which enables one to have a better quality of lifestyle. Those who prefer long term rentals can procure groceries from the local stores for approximately 25-30 Euros per week. Please visit to get details of the rentals available. For outdoors, there are options to satisfy one’s belly with a meal as low as 3-10 Euros and to satisfy the taste buds with some Wine as well, pocket pinch will be around 10-15 Euros. On average, one has to spend around 13 Euros at a Restaurant. On the other hand, in an expensive Restaurant, the cost is around 30 Euros. Apart from that one can always have a McDonalds or Maoz around. For the cities like Barcelona and Madrid, the average meal will cost approximately 8-10 Euros.

Tip: Valencia is becoming the top place for digital nomads for its outrageous affordability in every sector – be it furnished apartments, endless options of food and wine, exciting nightlife with a balanced climate round the year and cosmopolitan yet culturally rich crowd. One of the greatest advantages they provide here is the facilities of long term rentals.

  1. Location, Community & Safety – Places like Valencia, Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Malaga etc. have countless cafes, co-working spaces, lovely parks which can be used to work amidst the natural beauty. Moreover, the people all around have a leisurely attitude and welcoming which enables one for easy socializing.
  1. Transport – Many nomads may prefer to go around the places to explore surrounding areas. All of Spain is connected with the air-conditioned super-speed trains with excellent Wi-Fi.
  1. Time Zone – Spain is at par in time with most countries, so the time-zones generally overlap which makes it easier for one to have a work-life balance and match with the evening activities which the Spaniards enjoy.


Overall, if a Digital Nomad is planning a next destination, one must consider Spain a must try. Thank us later. 

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