Solar Companies in Florida: How To Choose

At the end of 2020, there were approximately 2.7 million Americans with solar energy systems in the US. Solar energy is one of the fastest-growing energy sources in the US and is becoming a more popular option for homeowners every day.

It can be overwhelming to know where to start if you’re looking for solar companies in Florida. It’s best to learn what you should be looking for in a solar installation company, so you don’t sign a contract without knowing what you’re getting into first.

Keep reading this guide to learn how you should choose the best solar companies in Florida and start saving on your energy costs!

Ask About the Services Offered

Solar power companies provide different services, so you’ll want to check this carefully before making an investment. Beyond the solar equipment and solar panels, you’ll want to check if they offer other services like:

  • Backup solar batteries
  • Solar panel monitoring services
  • Energy efficiency packages

You’ll also need to find out the details about their installation process. Typically, you’ll first need an initial consultation to check out the condition of your roof, such as the angle and shape for solar panel installation.

Next, the company should take a look at your energy use history and the electrical status of your home to create a plan for your solar panels. 

Also, the state of Florida requires a permit for installing solar energy, so the company should also take care of the necessary permits for you.

You can check out the services you get with Blue Raven Solar for a good overview of what else to look for.

Check the Company’s Credentials

Reputable solar installers should have Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) certification. This ensures that energy companies meet the approved standards for solar energy installation.

You should also check if the company you’re considering has Renewable Energy Assurance Limited (REAL) or Solar Trade Association (STA) certifications.

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Check Rebate and Tax Credit Services

Top solar companies will let you know what savings programs you’re eligible for and assist you in applying for tax credits, rebates, and incentives.

In Florida, you can qualify for a property tax exemption from Florida’s property tax exclusion for residential renewable energy. This allows you to add an addition to your home like solar, and it won’t result in any extra tax costs at the end of the year.

Florida also has a solar sales tax exemption on all solar energy systems. You’ll save 6% on all the solar equipment you need to purchase.

Finally, you can qualify for the federal solar tax credit if you buy your solar system with cash or via a solar loan. You can claim 26% of your solar system cost from your taxes in 2022, and in 2023 this amount drops to 22%.

Ask About Warranties

Switching to solar is a huge investment, and a good quality warranty is necessary to ensure your system lasts as long as it should. 

Many solar companies provide at least a 25-year warranty on their workmanship and the technology itself, so make sure you ask about this before buying any equipment.

Solar Companies in Florida

Now that you know how to choose the best solar companies in Florida, you can get started on your research today. Make sure to look at multiple different solar installation companies, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. 

Though it can seem like a big undertaking at first, the energy you save long-term will be well worth the initial cost.

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