Sola wood flower bouquet DIY- your all in one solution

It is hectic for everyone when it comes to choosing gift items for friends, colleagues, and family members. In this scenario, a lot of people get confused over the amount to be spent. For sure, not everyone can be treated with the same importance. Therefore, today, we have come up with an ultimate solution in this regard. Let us introduce you to the sola wood flower bouquet DIYwhich is hand-made flowers. Amazed to hear this? Yes, you must be. These sola wood flower bouquets DIY are very common these days. several internet resources are available that can help you learn the tips and tricks to make them.

There could be several reasons to make a sola wood flower bouquet. Trust us, it is regarded as an ideal gift these days and preferred over natural flowers. You might be wondering the cause for this variation. Natural flowers have several demerits when compared with sola wood flowers. For instance, sola wood flowers live for a longer time as compared to natural flowers. They do not even create any mess like those of natural flowers. what else one can ask for? Of course, nothing.

Sola wood flower Bouquet DIY made easy

Sola wood flowers are quite simple to make. Even, you can make hundreds of sola flowers in bulk without going an extra mile for your art pieces. Only regular practice and precise working can easily make you capable of trying sola wood flower bouquet DIY. So without any pause, let’s look at the steps to try for sola wood flowers.

Step no. 1

First of all, try to take tapioca wood bark in the form of pieces and cut them into smaller parts to make your work easy.

Step no. 2

Start making the whorls of your flower with a simple curling technique. This will start transforming into the shape. Here, you can try any shape which you want to make for your sola flowers in bulk.

Step no. 3

You can use the white glue in limited amounts to make it stay in the shape you want to give. Once, you are done, attach the filaments to your sola wood flowers. this can be done through a thin wire.

Step no. 4

 After you have done all the procedures to attain these sola flowers in bulk, it’s time to paint your sola wood flowers. Here, you can use acrylic colors.

Step no. 5

Once, you are done making these flowers, it’s time to combine these sola wood flower bouquets DIY. For this, you can take a bow and even decorate it with pearls and much more.


Sola wood flower bouquet DIY seems to be quite easy. Even if you have been unfamiliar with this, there is no way out there that can inhibit you from getting things done of your own. So, this is your chance, to try to make sola flowers in bulk. Even, this can turn out to be a really big hit for you, and maybe in near future, you can start it as your own business.

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