You must have heard the saying, ‘small things can make a huge impact’. In that way, there are inexpensive ways of marketing and promoting your business. Contrary to popular belief, marketing need not take up too much of your cost sheets and budgets. And these inexpensive ways are especially effective for entrepreneurs and small businesses operating with limited financial bandwidth.

Next are some simple ways of promoting your brand.

Leveraging the power of SEO

If you are a small business operating on a limited budget, you can use basic SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization. This helps set up your website for search engines to show your company link when prospects look for products and services you provide. It is an organic method of raising awareness and pandering to audiences. It capitalizes on keywords and searches terms and phrases.

You can improve your website SEO using the below-mentioned hacks:

  • Use a unique title for each of your web pages
  • Incorporate phrases that people search for when typing in for the page title
  • Include your business name, location and contact details on all the web pages

Setting up a business profile

Today if you want to reach out to potential audiences, setting up your business account on social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, is paramount. When doing so, ensure that the personal and business accounts are kept separate.

A good starting point is a captivating description or slogan, keywords, contact details and a website link.

Participate in forums and discussions

Audiences today primarily seek an emotional and personal connection with brands. They intend to interact with companies that deem relatable. In that stead, one way is to contribute towards social media discussions. You can look up groups or conversations on social media sites about your type of renderings. Beware to not spam or sound pushy and overselling.

Boosting your popular posts

Social media has a lot to offer. You can collaborate with renowned personalities to push forward your brand and business. And this is known as influencer or affiliate marketing. Although costly, this can offer an extensive reach quite speedily. If not, you can go for the DIY approach.

All you have to do is redirect your popular posts towards groups similar to your customer base. So, have a clear brand and customer persona in place. Once done, this is another inexpensive way of pandering with potential audiences in targeted locations. More so, to customers who deem to display keenness towards your offerings.

Get down with email marketing

Emails are another effective way to bring business to your company. It is cost-effective and an easy way to communicate with customers and prospects. You can start by signing up for an email marketing service. Once done, you can ask customers, visitors and social media followers to subscribe to your mailing list.

You can entice subscribers by sending newsletters and promotional offers regularly. However, when offering subscriptions, build a permission-based email list. Those who approve of the permission can then avail themselves of freebies such as ebooks and tipsheets. Say you are a financial consultant, for instance.

You can start by offering the subscribers a tip sheet with “Top ten investment products with promising returns”. Alternatively, you can provide signup discounts and deals on your renderings as an incentive. Going for an email service makes managing your list a convenient feat. What’s more, the emails are more professional-looking.

Business postage

Another avenue that most businesses overlook is postage and mails. This is where franking machines can come to the rescue. Whatever be the type of business, you will be sending out some postage to your customers. However, many believe that you need a lot of postage to justify using franking machines. Well, in reality, franking machines come in various sizes and configurations. They are justifiable even at low volumes.

Franked mails help work out the dilemma of professionalism. And the best part? They do so almost effortlessly. The simplest way is to have a printed marketing message and logo on your mail. What this does is that it helps your postage look more professional. Also, the recipients of the franked mail will keep your company and brand in mind.

Now here, the first impression gets made. Also, you can experiment with colours and fonts. Not only that, but you can also use premium-quality paper for sending your mails. For every item of franked mail that you send, the franking machine helps you promote your company. This is the easiest and least costly way of indirect marketing strategy available.

What’s more, the letters and parcel boxes often get reused. When that happens, you get to avail benefits of indirect referrals and word-of-mouth marketing as well. So, the aftermath of sending business postage also helps reach new audiences.

Operating a webinar

This is an opportunity for you to become a thought leader and a force of inspiration for your audiences. All you need is to choose a topic that shall be popular with your customers and prospects. Go for important industry news, strategies and solutions.

These are likely to fuel customer engagement and participation. Additionally, you can incorporate a short introductory course. When done with, promote the webinar on social media to get more eyeballs. Also, leverage your email list and include the webinar in your newsletter.

At the end of the day

Promoting your services does not require big bucks! The gamut of the internet has several avenues that can help you reach prospects and customers even with limited budgets. All you have to do is not sound pushy and oversell your products and services.

Instead, build a brand personality that can instil an emotional connection and a notion of relatability for your audiences. Lastly, do not make the blunder of undermining the power of business postage. These are effective in setting up favourable impressions with audiences.