Signs You Need to Go to Rehab

Signs You Need to Go to Rehab– Have you been hearing words of concern from family and friends more frequently? Have they been trying to politely ask you about your new activities of interest and are seemingly making pointed remarks about how your behavior seems to have changed as of late? Or perhaps they have been more blunt and direct in asking about whether you may be suffering from substance abuse and whether you would be open to considering seeking help for it? 

Whichever it is, it won’t be surprising if you may find it not only curious but even mildly offensive. Then again, you have to give it some thought yourself, and see why they’re raising these concerns in the first place. If you have been drinking a bit more than usual lately, or if you’ve been feeling the need to increase your dosage of prescription drugs even though you may not need to, then it may be signs of substance abuse. 

It may be overwhelming to comprehend, but you must recognize as soon as possible when you should get help before the situation becomes any worse. Here are some of the more telling signs to pay attention to, telling you to go to rehab.

Signs You Need to Go to Rehab

Persistent Cravings

Most substance abusers would deny their state that it’s not something they do often, if at all. If you find yourself saying these things as well, whether to yourself or another person, it might be a sign of you being more dependent on the substance than you realize. 

Couple that with persistent cravings, in which your desire to consume your said substance of choice feels insatiable, and you have a sure sign of addiction. More than simply craving for it, though, you feel irritable, restless, or even paranoid and anxious upon not getting it when you want it. 

Behavioral Changes

Another indicator that you may be suffering from substance abuse is changes in your behavior. Whereas before, you enjoyed socializing with family and friends over weekends, for example, now you can hardly care less whether you see them or not. 

You may also develop a sudden and acute disinterest in things and activities that you used to enjoy. From hobbies to engaging activities, you suddenly prefer to sulk away in the privacy of your own place or room so you can consume more drugs or alcohol. This isolation works for you because not only does it allow you to freely enjoy your preferred substances in private, but it also removes the need for you to be confronted by questions about it from other people. 

Failed Attempts to Curb or Stop Use

“I can stop anytime I want” is one of the most common proclamations that substance abusers say. This false confidence is brought primarily by their denial to acknowledge that they do have a problem with substance use. 

It’s possible for you to have tried stopping the use, but only to find yourself coming back to it once more, and with a worse inclination for dependency. If it’s happened repeatedly and you still are not able to stop as easily as you thought you would, then it’s probably time to seek professional help. 

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Facilities such as Villa San Miguel Detox & Wellness offer a comprehensive program of Click here to go on VSM detox Austin those who would like to stop substance abuse once and for all. If you are experiencing these symptoms, then consider checking yourself in with professional rehab facilities to get started on your road to recovery.

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