Shraddha Arya is an Indian renowned TV actress. She started her career at the age of 16 in 2004. She’s mostly known for her couple of TV shows. They are:

  • Tumhari Paakhi
  • Main Lakshmi Tere Aangan Ki
  • Kundali Bhagya, and
  • Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki

In 2004, at the age of 16, she began her successful career by appearing on India’s Best Cinestar’s Ki Khoj, a TV show. She has offered her audience a large number of tv series by her fascinating acting talents.

People have praised her acting skill so far. She has over 4.9 million IG fans, and her fans are anxious to learn more about her. for instance, about the Shraddha Arya wedding? What is her age? What is her husband’s name? Where does she live? And so on.

Genuine followers would know that she married Rahul Nagal on November 16, 2021.

If you’re still here, I’m betting you’re a real Shraddha Arya fan. Okay, we won’t take too long. Keep a close eye on this article to find out all you need to know about Arya.

Shraddha Arya’s Personal Biography

Shraddha Aryahas had a remarkable career from 2004 till the present. And she’s consistently gotten a lot of affection from her fans.

Shraddha Arya
Shraddha Arya

Her fans keep looking for all the Infos about her, including her home, vehicles, children, and so forth. After extensive analysis into Shraddha Arya’s life and career. 

We have found the actual info to all of the questions her followers have been looking for on the internet. We have gathered all the valid Infos with the attention of those loving followers in mind.

Bio and Wiki

To begin with, Shraddha Arya is her birth name, and she is also called by the name Shraddha. As per her findings, she married an NRI called Jayant Ratti in 2015. However, owing to chemistry concerns, the couple broke off their engagement.

In the 2019 Nach Baliye program, she disclosed her love with Alam Singh Makkar. But unfortunately, shortly after the program ended, the couple split up. Lastly, on November 16, 2021, Arya married Indian Navy Officer Rahul Nagal.

Moreover, some of her followers are still interested in her ethnicity and religion. In a nutshell, her religion is HINDUISM, and she is Indian.

Birthday & age

Shraddha Arya didn’t keep her birth month a secret from the media. Thus we all know when she was born. But, in case you didn’t know, her birthday is August 17. She is presently 34 years old as of 2021.

Birth Place and Shraddha Arya family

This talented actress with a strong personality was born in the Indian capital of New Delhi. Although she did not reveal her parents’ names in the media, we have found out about the Shraddha Arya sisters.

She has a younger sister named Divya Arya, who appears as a model. Rahul Nagal, her current husband, is a navy officer. As of now, Shraddha Aryahas no children.

Shraddha Arya Body


According to Ayra’s photographs on social sites, she seems to be of average height. However, Is this true in reality? In actuality, IT IS. Shraddha Arya has a height of 5’ 6” feet.

Her appealing height is also a result of her stunning look, which is something that should be admired.

Shraddha Arya


Weight is vital in the industrial sector, and every heroin needs to maintain a healthy weight. As we have seen, Shraddha Arya already has a gorgeous look and appropriate height. Now it’s time to find out how much she weighs, and she’s got an ideal weight of 58 kg.

Body Measurement

Shraddha Arya has all of the characteristics that an ideal heroine should have. Like her height and weight, Shraddha has the perfect body measurements of 34-28-36.

Other Features

Shraddha Arya has dark brown eyes and dark brown hair, which makes her an attractive lady. Her bodily features compliment her beauty well. We can guess Arya’s hobby would be shopping based on her looks.

Yes, we are correct! However, in addition to shopping, she enjoys photography. Shraddha seems to keep her hair both short and long. She enjoys changing her appearance from time to time.

Shraddha Arya Net Worth

Shraddha has held a special place in people’s hearts since she began her profession early. Her career began at the age of 16, which is remarkable.

She works not just to make money but also to gain people’s affection and respect. There are a bunch of great serials that made her gain a handsome net worth of 50-60 Crore.

Shraddha Arya’s Professional Life

Arya is a bright and attractive actress who began her professional career at the age of sixteen. It’s very remarkable that she could navigate her childhood career with such grace. Shraddha Arya is an actress who appears in television serials, and she is also a lovely model.

From 2004 until the present, she has been spreading her pure aura worldwide. She tries to keep her audience entertained and provide the most LIT acting possible.

Shraddha Arya’s Career in Bollywood

Arya starts her career as a contestant on Zee TV’s talent search program. Which was India’s Best Cinestar’s Ki Khoj, where she ended as the first runner-up.

In 2006, she began acting in the Tamil film named Kalvanin Kadhali. In this film, she co-starred with actor-director S. J. Surya. Later that, she made her Bollywood move with Ram Gopal Varma’s Nishabd, which was launched in 2008.

Shraddha Arya’s Profiles on Social Media

Shraddha Aryauses Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep in touch with her fans. That way, she is always in contact with her supporters. Arya seems to have 6.4 million Facebook fans.

However, she isn’t as active on Facebook as she is on Instagram for whatever reason. Shraddha Arya Twitter has 50.4k Twitter followers. However, she uses Twitter less than Facebook and Instagram.

It seems thatShraddha Arya is more Instagram person. Because her Instagram visibility shows up more than other apps. Arya’s Instagram account is well-known, Shraddha Arya Instagram has over 4.9 million followers.

As per her, Instagram encourages her to interact with others. She also enjoys using Instagram to share photos with her husband, family, and friends.

Shraddha Arya’s House and Cars

People want to know what Shraddha Arya’s home looks like now that she has a net worth of 50-60 crores. On the other hand, her home is as lavish to seem at as it is lovely and stylish. When it comes to decorating her house, she focused on color combinations.

However, she paid extra care to the color:

  • Wooden brown,
  • Cream, gray, and
  • Golden while enriching the hall.

Her hall is light and airy, and she has attempted to keep it basic. Her home has the appearance of a five-star hotel. She has designed her home entirely with wooden furnishings.

In addition, followers are interested in knowing what cars she drives. Shraddha’s first vehicle is a Mercedes-Benz E Class, which costs Rs 64.55 lakh. It reaches a maximum of 82.09 lakh rupees.

The second most costly vehicle is also from Mercedes-Benz, although it is a separate model. It’s a Mercedes-Benz GLC-class vehicle, and the pricing ranges from Rs 58.51 to Rs 64.39 lakh.


Who is the husband of Shraddha Arya?

Shraddha Arya and Rahul Nagal exchanged wedding vows on November 17. This actress shared photos from her marriage day on Instagram, with the words “Just Wedded.” That’s when she revealed her engagement on the social media platform.

What is the address of Shraddha Arya’s residence?

Shraddha now lives in New Delhi, India. This is the city where she experienced childhood. She grew up in New Delhi.

What country does Shraddha Arya belong from?

Arya is from the Indian capital of New Delhi, where she was born.

What is the true identity of Shraddha Arya’s husband?

According to the media, Arya, a tv actress, and Rahul Nagal, a navy officer, married in Delhi on November 16.

What is Shraddha Arya’s age?

34 years old (August 17, 1987)

Where is Shraddha Arya’s Now?

Arya is currently on her honeymoon In the Maldives with her man, Rahul Nagal (December 2021). They are planning to back soon.

Final Word

Shraddha Arya Nagal is a gorgeous model and actress who has pop up in films and TV series. The most out of Shraddha Arya’s skill has been shown via her work as a notable actress in television serials. She has won eight awards for her outstanding acting ability.

Aside from that, Arya has an active presence on IG, where she posts images of her everyday activities. Since she has a 4.9M-strong Instagram family, she is constantly concerned about them.

She makes an effort to keep them informed about her everyday activities. From 2004 to the present, Shraddha Arya has ever gifted her fans with fantastic TV serials.