Should You Prefer to Borrow from Direct Lenders?

Nowadays, obtaining a loan is a very common decision – anyone can do it whenever they need it. A person may decide to apply for a loan if they require capital for their business or extra money to pay for unanticipated bills.

However, often it seems quite difficult to get a loan, especially for small firms. Small businessmen and industrialists may not always be eligible for loans from traditional lenders like banks.

Loans from direct lenders may be more convenient and provide you with more control than those obtained through brokers. Going direct could expedite the application process, resulting in a better deal, and safeguard your personal information no matter what emergency or unexpected need you need to cover.

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What are direct lender loans?

There are 2 routes you may go down while applying for a loan: 

  • Direct with the lender 
  • Through a broker

Direct lenders are responsible for overseeing the entire lending process, from application to funding. Brokers serve as your representative in obtaining loan offers from several direct lenders.

High-street banks and online service providers are both direct lenders in the UK. The simplest approach to determine if you are working with a direct lender or a broker is to inquire about who will be providing you with the funds. Since they are a third party, brokers do not finance the loans for which they gather offers.

What are the few benefits of direct lender loans?

There are several benefits to selecting a direct lender over any broker:


While brokers may shift you between several contacts and businesses, if you deal directly, you will always know who you are dealing with. If you need to ask questions concerning your loan, doing this can save you time and hassle.

No extra costs

Brokers typically charge lenders for the job they perform, which may prevent them from giving you the best price available due to the lender’s higher costs. You can be assessed a fee upon application by other brokers. Going directly to the lender will eliminate this additional expense in any case.


While trustworthy brokers will handle your data with care, it is not always clear which lenders they are sharing it with. Loans from direct lenders provide you with more discretion over your personal data.


Every business owner, whether they run a large corporation or a small one, needs time. Furthermore, submitting a loan application takes time. 

Thus, you must instantly comply when a lender requests that you file and submit multiple sets of time-consuming documentation. You must correct any flaws or inaccuracies that are discovered along the route, which consumes more of your time.

However, when dealing with direct business lenders, they streamline the documentation procedure and simply ask for the signed documents necessary to secure a loan. 

Every business owner values their time, and since direct business lenders are aware of this, they don’t add more paperwork to the process.For more information visit infiniterounds

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