Shop Partywear Lehengas Online To Look Taller: Vertical, Monochrome, And Soft Fabric

Wearing heavy party wear lehengas with six-inch heels certainly is a spectacular look. But it can be a big toll on the girl on her special day.  5.5” tall girls can forego the heels and still carry the elegant look but an average height girl needs to step up the game differently!

Buying party wear lehengas online for short height girls has always been drudgery.  Are you one who finds that a few inches would have helped you to get your hand on your favorite piece of clothing?  The one who would be nicknamed ‘cute-sized’ by almost everyone? Always have to wear at least 4 or 5-inch heels so that your clothes look good on you? Or does your heart mindlessly skip all the options of clothes with embroidery or designs at the bottom because you know that you have to take out at least 2 to 3 inches to make it fit perfectly?

And now you are worried about all the styles and tips of how to look good and what to wear because it is your ‘THE-DAY’.

Well, a girl or woman has to look a bit more into the details of clothes to be worn at their wedding or party, than the others. To select the outfit that will not make you look petite is an energy-draining task in itself! But, worry not! Here, we give you a few styling tips to look spot on at your Party!

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Lehengas For party wear To Accentuate Your Height: Varanasi

Vertical patterns

The first and most ancient rule that we pint-sized people have learned by heart is to wear vertical patterns on clothes. The vertical design not only gives an illusion that makes us look taller but thinner also (every girl’s dream!). You can opt from as simple as vertical stripes to complicated motifs from amongst the various lehenga patterns. Let the pattern start from the top of the lehenga to the bottom. If there is no border to the party wear lehenga, better!

Try the above tip, look like a princess making the world bow to you in this party wear a stylish lehenga for short height girls!

One color

Choose an outfit of a single color to give height to you. We know the love for contrasts will draw you towards all the multicolor options. But trust us! You would want to avoid them. Avoid multicolor outfits because the different colors will break the height and will make you look petite. The single-colored party wear lehenga for short girls will give an illusion of longer legs and thus, serves the purpose! Darker tinted hues will do the trick!

Ditch your love for pastels for a day!
You can also opt for monochromes which are very much in trend these days.
Let the color dominate your overall look.

Don it and look mesmerizing at this beautiful online party wear a Lehenga for short height girls by Vasansi Jaipur!

Small motifs

As much as you would want to go for big prints or embroidery, we advise you against it.

Select smaller motifs so that the lehenga does not cut out on your height. Also, don’t select the lehenga with a lot of gaps in between the motifs. Select the one with

allover embroidery or with a very little gap between the motifs. This will give you more height and will look alluring.

If you select lehenga with allover embroidery, there also, do not opt for the ones that have one or two big motifs. This will concentrate the focus on those bigger motifs and will make you look short. Thus, select the embroidery pattern in such a way that some of the motifs are not way bigger than the other motifs on the lehenga.

Also, do not select jewelry with bigger pieces. Or if you want to go for statement pieces, then avoid wearing everything. For e.g. wear only earrings and a ring. Ditch the heavy necklace and bangles. Wear the minimalist look with these party wear lehengas for short height.

Thin Borders

With all the trendy embroidery and patterns, the borders are becoming broader and heavier. Even though the broad borders give a heavy royal look but sadly, it doesn’t work for us shorties.

Opt for the lehengas with minimal or thin borders. This will give a finite look and will give an impression of longer legs. Works for us!

While selecting a perfect party wear lehenga being a short height girl,  You can opt for borders that are without any motifs like gota border or gold sequins. This will not take away the height of the overall look.

Make a hairstyle with a bouffant to add to the height.


Choose the fabric that you fall in love with at first sight!

No! Cotton, silk, or brocade are a big no-no! These are stiff materials and give a very sturdy look.

The flowing look given by net, georgette, or chiffon looks scintillating for party wears lehengas for short girls! Also, these fabrics do not look sturdy and are delicate giving a leaner and taller look to the girl. What else do we need.

Net, Georgette, and chiffon are very comfortable and lightweight, given the embroidery and embellishments are not too heavy in weight.

Net and georgette are suitable for the three as they are able to hold heavy embroidery or crystals without getting ruined themselves.

Do not opt for fishtail style lehenga for short height girls as they are body-hugging and give away on the actual height of the girl! Also, not very spacious and comfortable to let us walk freely!

It might also call for an unwanted wardrobe malfunction. Thus, keep the neckline low but not very low!

Length of the Lehenga

The last and final important point to remember while you select your partywear lehenga for short-height girls is the length of your lehenga.

As much as the longer, floor-length lehengas are in trend, these are a big no-no for stubby girls. A trail of the lehenga following you will not only accentuate your short height, but it will also make you look chubby.

Wear the lehenga with the length that ends at your ankles. Show off your beautiful footwear. This is the time! It will not only give a height to your overall look but will also look chic.

Let the lehenga be the right size and it will do the trick!

Show less of your midriff as it will give a taller look to your ensemble. Wear your lehenga above the waist. Do not opt for a blouse that is in Kurti style as these will give a confusing look and will not serve the purpose.

Take Away of the Blog

Wear specially designed partywear lehenga for short height petite ladies and amp up the oomph factor!

Well, that’s it about the party, wear lehengas for short girls. Do not stress and worry much about your clothes.

You are beautiful the way you are! You are the Diva, the princess of the day! Enjoy every bit of it.

If you found our tips helpful while party wear shopping, do let us know!

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