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Today we learn about disposable shoe covers or shoe covers supplier it is personal protective equipment (PPE) used to cover the feet to prevent dirt such as water, dust or germs attached to our feet from entering the clean control area. It also prevents our feet from coming into contact with dirt or germs that are directly on the floor as well. And in general, we can find two types of disposable socks that are widely used, mainly plastic socks and synthetic socks. Each type has a structure with strength, toughness, tear resistance, chemical resistance, weather resistance, water resistance, moisture resistance and other resistance properties differently In addition, the shoe cover comes with an elastic at the mouth of the bag for a firmer ankle or shin Improves aptitude for excellent use. Suitable for use in hospitals Medical industry, clean room, lab

Shoe Covers

Since disposable shoe covers are available in short, long, and various sizes, the size of the sock must be chosen according to the size of your work shoe because if the shoe cover is too small, it will not cover the shoe completely and the efficiency of preventing dirt is reduced or if choosing a sock that’s too big can cause tripping while walking as well.

Types of disposable shoe covers

Plastic shoe covers

Plastic shoe cover is a shoe cover that is tough, not easy to break, does not lint, made from polyethylene or PE, which is the most widely, used plastic. There are various types of PE plastic materials available, such as short, long, or non-slip reinforced bottoms. PE plastics can be divided into several types: low density polyethylene (LDPE), high density polyethylene (HDPE) and polyethylene. Chlorine bleach (CPE), which is the material used to make all plastic shoe covers. And each type has different good properties.

Shoe Covers

Each material has different properties as follows:

  1. PE or polyethylene plastic shoe covers. It is a material that is tough, durable, highly flexible, difficult to tear, heat and cold resistant. Prevents moisture from flowing in and out, resistant to acids and alkalis, but not resistant to oil and grease. And it’s also a good electrical insulator. We are introducing shoe Supplier Company. If you want to survey than click on the highlighted link and visit our site.
  2. LDPE plastic shoe covers are low density polyethylene. Good toughness and flexibility, cold resistance and chemical resistance but will be strong and durable and it is less heat resistant than HDPE high density polyethylene.
  3. HDPE plastic shoe cover bag is a high density polyethylene that is durable, tough, not easily broken, flexible, and resistant to many chemicals and solvents which is stronger and it is more heat resistant than low density polyethylene LDPE.
  4. Plastic shoe cover CPE is a chlorinated polyethylene (Chlorinated Polyethylene), highly flexible, waterproof, oil resistant, and resistant to deterioration from the environment, ozone, heat resistant, abrasion resistant, durable, not easy to tear and good resistance to corrosive chemicals and it is also a low flammability plastic material.
  5. Walking tour of the factories Many times they want to be as clean and safe as possible because there are many factories or places that are built to be clean and don’t want external dirt to come into the factory or place. As for clothes, it’s not too difficult to take care of and prevent dust and dirt from the clothes from coming off. But shoes should have something to cover the shoes to keep dirt from coming out.
  6. The shoe cover is something that really answers the question. To cover your feet and walk around the factory or walk to places that are slippery as well. The socks are suitable for walking into various factories who do not want external dirt to fall into the factory For example, for guests who visit the factory for in the hospital electronics factory and other factories or even walking in wet places walk in slippery Shoe covers can also prevent slipping for us as well.

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  1. Disposable shoe covers Suitable for those who use it to wear another layer of shoe cover to prevent dust and powder attached to the shoes from contaminating the place that needs to be cleaned made from medical materials Single-use type, lightweight, comfortable to wear, not stuffy, harmless to the body. Hypoallergenic in production according to customer requirements there are many styles of sewing. The fabric of the shoe cover is normal printed pattern to prevent slipping and anti-static. There are heights, both covered with ankles and covers the knees with rubber on top and ankles standard size. Elastic top edge around the foot cover stretches 20″ for comfortable wear. It is strong and flexible and can be worn to fit any shoe size.

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