Rave culture has been a thriving phenomenon since the 1950s, originating in England. They used to be considered “wild bohemian parties” and were associated with the rebellious youth. With the evolution of electronic music, psychedelics, and DJ culture, the perception of raves have become accepted on a larger scale. Raves have moved from the underground and have become mainstream with hundreds of events and festivals taking place yearly around the world. 

Raves give a wide range of people the opportunity to let their hair down, put their individuality on display through their fashion choices, and most importantly have fun. With so many cool looks and accessories out there, it may be somewhat overwhelming figuring out an outfit that’s just right for your style. Don’t worry, we’re here to help and have you covered below with seven styles that will make you the star of your next rave.

Futuristic Style 

Rave clothing can be eclectic and trendy, but it’s such an open field, you may consider wearing a futuristic style that is photo-worthy. You can wear a variety of clothing including but not limited to costumes, futuristic visors, a sleek mini-dress, bodysuit, and LED pieces of clothing that will make you the light of any rave you attend. You can take things to the next level with glitter gloves, glowsticks, and maybe even a holographic fan. 

Holographic Style 

Holograms were first invented in the 1940s and the iridescent clothing became popular in the 70s during the height of disco. Holographic clothing has been a benchmark of rave culture and is commonly seen at raves today. There is a wide array of holographic clothing available including bodysuits, crop tops, bottoms, shoes, hats, accessories, and more. If you wish to be glamorous and bring retro vibes to the party, this is the perfect outfit choice for you. 

Trippy Style 

Another easy style to pull off is the trippy style, sometimes referred to as the psychedelic style. Trippy style is a vibrant aesthetic that’s a throwback to the hippie movement in the 70s and a bit of a homage to disco culture. This is easy to incorporate into any rave outfit with several patterns including tye-dye, kaleidoscopic designs, fluid lines, and avant garde. Whether you want to wear a bodysuit, a crop top or a hat, all of these are fun options that allow your personality to be out there in the open. 

Neon Style 

Neon is a cool style choice for anyone looking to stand out from the crowd. Neon is easy to see in the dark and it’ll be hard for anyone not to notice you. If you have a relatively dark outfit, you can always accessorize with a neon piece for flair or you can go all out and go for a completely neon aesthetic. You can rock a neon top, a neon dress or even a pair of neon glasses if you wish to make a statement at a rave.  

Metallic Style 

Metallic style is a simple yet bold style that anyone can pull off at a rave. This glamorous style gives you a lot of flexibility and you can even make custom metallic pieces. You can wear sequined pieces, a glitter dress, and/or iridescent fabrics of any kind. Wearing metallic style is a sure-fire way to shine bright like a diamond at any rave. 

Bohemian Style

Bohemian is an unconventional style inspired by the 60s and serves as an artistic form of expression for ravers looking to standout. Bohemian fashion usually includes loose fitting, flowy fabrics, neutrals, retro patterns, organic materials, linen fabrics, and excessive jewelry. A few other cool bohemian accessories are kimonos, heart shades, turbans, and flower crowns. Let your inner artist out with Bohemian style and you’ll surely receive several compliments. 

Gothic Style 

Bright, vibrant colors may not fit your personality, so gothic style may be the perfect alternative to freely express yourself at a rave. This style originated during the Victorian era in the 19th century, but has evolved into a somewhat popular fashion niche of rave culture. You can wear fishnets, chaps, skirts, crop tops and just about anything in all black as long as it isn’t cumbersome to wear while dancing. You can also take your outfit to next level by accessorizing with chains, jewelry, and body stickers. 


Hundreds of rave events happen across the globe every year and everyone puts a lot of thought, care, and consideration into their outfits. Picking out the perfect outfit is fun, but can be a daunting challenge with so many vibrant options to choose from. Rave clothing can make you the literal life of the party depending on what outfit you wear. Whether you decide to go Bohemian, futuristic, trippy, or settle for Gothic, the six styles outlined above are sure to make you the star of your next rave. 


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