Seven More Ways to Enjoy Licor 43

What is Licor 43

Licor 43 is a premium vanilla-flavored liqueur that is making waves worldwide. The brand is also known as Cuarenta Y Tres, specifically hailing from Spain’s Cartagena region. The liqueur was based on the Zamora family’s ancient recipe in 1946. 

From the brand name itself, this golden-colored liqueur is a secret concoction of 43 herbs and spices. You can distinguish the notes of vanilla, cocoa, cinnamon, and orange peel from the first sip. Scoring an ABV (Alcohol By Volume) of 31%, it is moderate in alcohol content. By comparison, vodka or whiskey usually has an ABV of 40%, while a regular beer is at 5% ABV. 

What is Licor 43? If you’re unfamiliar with the taste, read on. Aside from drinking it on the rocks, and the famous coffee cocktail drink, here are some brilliant must-try concoctions with Licor 43. 

  1. 43 Screwdriver

The cocktail screwdriver is known around the world as an alcoholic drink with a prominent citrus taste. It is the same reason it goes well with Licor 43. To mix the perfect screwdriver, you need 1 ounce of vodka, 3 ounces of orange juice, and 1 ounce of Licor 43. Or simply- 1 part vodka, three parts orange juice, and 1 part Licor 43. 

Choose a tall glass for this concoction. Mix all three ingredients and quickly stir. After stirring, add ice. If you wish to impress, add orange half-moons and a cinnamon stick. If you don’t, the mixture would be impressive enough as it is. This drink goes great with brunch or a pre-dinner cocktail.

  1. Asiatico 43

A very famous recipe in Cartagena, this Asiatico 43 is best served after dinner while winding down the day. It is a mixture of 1 part Licor 43, 1 part Spanish Brandy, and three parts condensed milk, espresso coffee, and evaporated milk. 

For the base layer: pour condensed milk, brandy, and Licor 43 in the glass. Then add coffee and evaporated milk. You can use a spoon to stir the ingredients carefully. Add a sprinkle of cinnamon or lemon peel for the extra kick. The bitterness of coffee and the sweetness of the condensed milk will make for delicious, contrasting tastes.

  1. 43 Flip

Flip is a drink mix concocted by mixing any wine with a whole egg and sugar. It is akin to eggnog but sans the cream. With Licor 43, you have the perfect Flip. 

Here are the ingredients you need: two ounces of bourbon, half-ounce syrup, one whole egg, and one ounce of Licor 43. 

Start the process by putting these in a cocktail shaker: bourbon, syrup, egg, and Licor 43. Do NOT put ice yet. Shake it vigorously to aerate, this process is called a Dry Shake. When you have aerated it, add your ice and shake again, this time for a Wet Shake. Pour the contents in a glass, but through a strainer. Then add grated nutmeg on top. This mixture is a delectable creamy cocktail everyone will enjoy.

  1. Balon 43

A popular drink in The Netherlands, this cocktail is considered refreshing. A staple for picnics, Balon 43 is a sparkling drink, best consumed on sunny days. Just remember these five ingredients to make Balon 43. You need three parts sparkling water, half a lemon juice, ice cubes, lemon or orange slices for garnish, and 1 part Licor 43.

In a glass full of ice cubes, pour sparkling water, then add the fresh lemon juice. For the pièce de résistance, pour Licor 43 into the glass and stir. Add the lemon or orange slices before serving. Picnic party goers will surely appreciate Balon 43’s fruity, sour and sweet, cold drink.  

  1. 43 & Coffee

One of the most popular drinks in Mexico is called carajillo, which is spiked espresso. Cocktail 43 & Coffee is similar to carajillo but with the addition of jalapeño, tequila, and spice.  To make 43 & coffee, you will need these ingredients: jalapeño, one ounce of tequila, two ounces cold brew coffee, half an ounce syrup, and one ounce of Licor 43. 

43 & Coffee

Smash 1 or 2 thin slices of jalapeño at the bottom of your cocktail shaker. Add 1 part Licor 42 and 1 part tequila, add ice, and shake. After, pour the mixture through a double strainer into a glass with fresh ice. Serve with a few slices of jalapeño. This cocktail balances the spiciness with the sweetness of vanilla and the bitterness of coffee. It’s the perfect drink to wake you up. 

  1. Ginger 43

Impress your friends with this simple cocktail of ginger ale, lime, and Licor 43. Have these ingredients on hand: 200ml ginger ale, fresh juice from half a lime, 50ml Licor 43.

Use a tall glass. Add six ice cubes and pour four parts ginger ale. Follow it with 1 part Licor 43 and the lime juice. Garnish first with a slice of lime and peel. Serve. This cocktail offers a sweet, fruity, and sour mix that is perfect as an aperitif. It cleanses the palate, preparing you to savor your meal.  

  1. Sangria Rose 43

For sangria fans, this cocktail showcases the fruity flavor of Rosé wine and the vanilla notes of Licor 43. It is simple to prepare. You need to prepare these ingredients: 250ml Rosé, 250 ml bitter lemon soda, 4o ml strawberry liqueur, apple, grapefruit, lemon, and 125ml Licor 43. 

In a pitcher, pour ice cubes. Just fill it up until 1/3 of the jug is full. Add the sliced apples, lemon, and grapefruit. Pour the rosé wine and the bitter lemon soda. Stir, then add the strawberry liqueur and 125ml Licor 43. Garnish with mint leaves and grapefruit. Serve cold. This refreshing drink is perfect as an aperitif.

Licor 43 versatility

Considered one of the fastest-growing premium liqueur around the globe, Licor 43 is an excellent addition to your wine cabinet. Whether you prefer to drink it simply on the rocks or as a cocktail, you would undoubtedly find endless ways to enjoy this delectable brand. To know where to purchase premium Licor 43, check certified sites or go to your nearest liquor store.