Serverwala – Features of Using USA Based Dedicated Server in Boston for Business

Web Hosting is the primary doorway to enter in a world of online business. If you decided to start your hosting with a specific type of hosting. Then, we will discuss the particular Dedicated Server Boston and let you know its mechanism, premium features, etc.

Boston Dedicated Servers are a high level of web hosting that owns an ample range of features such as optimal performance, highest uptime, freedom to let you choose operating system & control panels, server accessibility, and much more. These features help optimize your website, enhance your online presence, boost your server and web page loading speed, increase traffic, and generate revenue. Overall, Dedicated Server Boston resulted in rapid business growth with huge profits.

However, through this guide, we let you dig deeper into the reliable features of Dedicated Server in Boston and also introduce one of the leading web hosts. Let’s get started!

Intro – Dedicated Server Hosting Boston

A Dedicated Server in Boston is a powerful hosting used to host small to especially large websites with thousands of web pages. This is because it is the hosting where users get an independent hosting platform and dedicated resources. However, a Boston Dedicated Servers devoted to a single user ensures dedicated resources for the users. This means resources like Random Access Memory, CPU usage, storage needs, bandwidth all belongs to you. No other site and user have access to your web space and resources. This ensures the high availability of resources for your site. So, you can experience fast speed and better performance with the rapid growth of your business.

Further, the Dedicated Server Boston Hosting is categorized into two major versions, namely Managed Dedicated Server and Unmanaged Dedicated Server. Both differ in terms of server management, resource limitations, maintenance, and cost. You can choose Managed if you do not have a budget issue and need an expert to manage your hosting. Else go with the unmanaged and be the owner of your site.

Now, proceed with discussing what principle features you can employ if you choose the Dedicated Server Boston Hosting for your business.

Top Features of Using a Dedicated Server Hosting Boston


A Dedicated Server Boston, as you know a more prominent and compelling web hosting that gives a wide range of beneficial and principal features that ultimately results in the rapid growth of your business. So, here we discuss the top features of Dedicated Server in Boston one by one:

#1. Server Configurations

When you want to configure your server, it means installing any custom software, removing unuseful applications, ensuring the best security measures, and so on; then, you need a feature of server configurations. However, with Dedicated Server Boston, you are free to configure your server services as per your website requirements and needs.

#2. Optimal Performance

As you know, with the Boston Dedicated Server, you’ll be given the set of dedicated resources that are utilized by a single server. This ensures the high availability of resources for all the tasks performed on your server without waiting. However, you can experience optimal performance for your site.

#3. 99.99% Uptime Guarantee

Dedicated Server Hosting Boston is only a prominent web hosting amongst all hosting that assures you 99.99% uptime. This is because all the resources are devoted to one single user. This means you can easily stable your website position at the top in the Search Engine Ranking Page with fewer efforts without experiencing downtime.

#4. High Scalability

When hosting your business site, it must be needed to have a hosting that gives you the flexibility to scale up your resources. That’s why a Dedicated Server Boston ensures high scalability. So, when your site needs more resources. At that time, you can expand and scale up your resources.

#5. Root Level Accessibility

It is one of the most important features that every business person wants with their hosting. This is because only root level accessibility enables you to make configurations, modifications, and updates on your server and websites. With the help of this, you can also install custom applications on your server.

#6. Operating System Choice

If you are familiar with operating the operating system and want to run your site on a user-friendly OS, choosing a Windows operating system is the best choice. Instead of this, if you’re going to run your site on an open-source operating system, no choice is much better than a Linux Operating System. You can opt for your choice of an operating system with the Dedicated Server Boston in simple words.

#7. Hardware Choices

Boston Dedicated Servers gives you the best of customization. This means you can choose and customize your hardware needs, including Random Access Memory, bandwidth, Storage needs(Solid State Drives and Hard Disk Drives), Core processors, and much more. So, it can ensure seamless performance and one click web page loading speed.

#8. Control Panel Choices

To understand the control panels, you need to first know about the operating system. This means the choice of control panels depends on the type of OS you have selected. If you choose the windows operating system, you can opt for the Plesk control panel, whereas with Linux, you can opt for either cPanel or Plesk panel control panel. It supports both operating systems.

#9. Rock-Solid Security

If your IT operations could be taken offline, a data breach or any type of hacking occurs, then it may be a huge business loss, reputational damage, and customer legal actions. Therefore, Dedicated Server in Boston brings many security measures that protect your data from intrusion and personal damage and prevent your business from revenue loss. This is also happening by offering the best security practices such as Firewalls, DDoS protection, Malware protection, and much more that you get with the Dedicated Server Boston Hosting.

#10. Top Tier Technical Support

There may be a point when your IT team needs the help and assistance of experts not to run their business but also to fix the bugs. So, with a reliable web host, you can surely get 24*7 on-premises customer support. So, you do not want to wait till Monday morning if your server slows down on a Friday night. Your web host fixes and resolves them immediately to give you an end user experience of reliable connectivity.

All the features are highly useful because you will surely get the best customer experience and satisfaction when you utilize them for your hosting. But for that, you need to choose a leading and renowned web hosting provider.


At this point of discussion, you may be aware of the best Dedicated Server Boston mechanism and its reliable features that benefit your business in every aspect. But as you know, a web host can make or break your business. So, you need to opt for a reliable web host provider. For that, I would like to recommend choosing the Serverwala Cloud Data Center Pvt. Ltd. It is one of the best and trustworthy web hosts that provides an ample range of hosting services globally. It also provides the Cheap Dedicated Server Boston Hosting with a wide range of services and principal features that we have discussed above. Further, the web host receives too many awards for their honesty and renders powerful services to potential customers across the globe. Therefore, you can trust serverwala web hosts and rely on their services to accelerate your business growth.


Serverwala is the one stop solution to buy the Cheap Dedicated Server Boston Hosting because it gives you many high-level services and premium features. These services include high uptime, optimal performance, endless customer support, heightened security, and much more beyond it. This web host also gives you reliability, scalability, flexibility, customizability, and better room for growth that you will never get with another hosting.

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