Does your website never seem to move up in the search results? Are you tired of sending email after email to website owners and bloggers asking for a link, only to be ignored or told “no” after all your hard work?

If you’re getting tired of paying your SEO company hourly fees for colorful reports and promises of higher rankings without any real results, you’re not alone. Every year, hundreds of thousands of businesses spend big money to buy backlinks for SEO without any results at all.

Whether you’re a business owner looking for better rankings for your small business website, a freelance SEO consultant doing work for a client, or an employee at a large company interested in increasing traffic from organic search, it’s very important that you know one thing.

The reason your website isn’t moving up Google’s search engine rankings for its target keywords isn’t you. It’s that you’re spending your SEO budget on the wrong things.

Every year, we receive a huge number of emails from freelancers, small businesses, and big companies that want to improve their search engine rankings. In almost every email, we read the same challenges, the same problems, and the same results:

You’re spending money on an SEO company, but they aren’t generating results

You’re emailing hundreds of website owners and bloggers asking for links and guest posting opportunities, but you always get ignored or told “no”

You find there just aren’t enough hours in the day to balance SEO for your website with your other work responsibilities, resulting in no progress

You want to outsource Link Building, but don’t know where to start.

LinkLifting isn’t your typical SEO software and not a bulk Backlink Generator. In fact, it isn’t software at all. Instead,  Link lifting is a fully managed service carried out by our team of experienced SEO professionals, all of whom have extensive experience working with small businesses and big brands alike.

All you need to do is enter your website in the form above. Our system will automatically suggest the keywords and most relevant pages of your website for promotion, as well as recommending a monthly budget to achieve your results.

Every day, our team will scan our massive database of tens of thousands of high quality donor websites to find effective backlinking opportunities. As soon as we find a match for your website, we’ll add a powerful, highly relevant backlink pointing straight to your target page automatically.

Instead of spending your time and money on SEO strategies that don’t deliver results, you can earn great links from highly relevant websites at a fraction of the cost you’d normally pay an SEO agency that gives you lower quality and less relevant links.

Quality backlinks are the singular most important element for a successful SEO. No matter how great your on-page content might be, without great backlinks, it’s never going to rank for highly competitive, valuable search keywords that can generate leads and sales for your business.

Our link-building service takes the time and effort out of building links to your website, letting you spend your time running your business. Just create a LinkLifting project, set your budget, and watch as we report daily on your website’s SEO progress.

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