Say Goodbye to Double Chin with These Easy Tips!

Double chin is often the result of being overweight or obese, but this need not always be the case as genetic makeup, poor posture, and aging can also create the appearance of a double chin. The submental fat causes the deposit of a layer of fat under the chin that gives the impression of a double chin.

The look of a double chin can often cause insecurity as it would be treated as a disruption to the overall appearance of an individual. The New York cosmetic dermatology can help sort your double chin problem out for you to help restore your confidence.

Here are the common ways on how a double chin can be avoided:


Exercise is a very effective way to reduce weight overall. Trying out exercises like lion’s yawn, straight jaw juts, ball exercise, bottom jaw juts, neck stretches, and chewing gum uses all the facial muscles and muscles around the chin and neck. Toning up the muscle under the chin can gradually help reduce the visibility of a double chin.

Do note that there’s no physical or scientific evidence that claims such exercise will reduce double chin as the concept of spot reduction is entirely false.

Watch what you eat:

“You are what you eat” is applicable in this context. Diet can play a role in the entire external look of the body. Making needed modifications in the diet can help do the trick, although the process is a journey to make better lifestyle decisions. Adding more fruits and vegetables, eating lean and clean protein, healthy fats, and replacing refined carbs with whole grains and other complex carbs can help keep you in better shape. 

Maintaining a calorie deficit is highly effective instead of new fad diets.


Medical procedures under cosmetic surgery also can be used to help eliminate the double chin. These procedures include:

  1. Lipolysis: This procedure involves melting the fat under the chin through a heat laser or liposuction. Since only the fat is targeted, the excess sagging skin or collagen production is not dealt with. There might be swelling and pain after the procedure.
  1. Mesotherapy: Mesotherapy involves injecting a fat-dissolving compound into the skin. This procedure is not very invasive. The drug used in mesotherapy is FDA approved; however, the process consists of injecting multiple shots of the drug over six months. Kybella is the deoxycholic acid used in the procedure as it absorbs human fat. The downsides of this procedure may include numbness, redness, pain, and swelling.
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