Saving Money on India Tour


Vacation is the single time of the year to spend money to enjoy the free days. This does not mean that you should not turn your face to a tip for saving a few bucks during vacation. India is a unique destination, which can be both covered luxuriously and in a shoebox budget. Here are the top ways to save money during your India tour.
Saving Money on India Tour

Travel cost

  • Are you flying? Choose the right day to enjoy savings. Avoid weekend and night flights, pre-book the tickets to have better discounts and choose to book round trip tickets. 
  • Are you a foreigner? Have you got your visa? If not, apply for an e-visa to India and avoid any later troubles. Also, applying e-visa on Indian government website can save the agent’s fees.
  • Always carry half of your recommended luggage limit. This will allow you to carry back souvenirs when you fly back, without paying fine for overweight luggage.
  • Choose pre-booked vehicles, pre-book your accommodations and other services to avoid last-minute price hikes.
  • Public transportations like trains, local buses and others are the best options to explore the region and to travel from one place to another. Do not Uber or fly to every destination on the map. With local transportation, you can enjoy the local life too.

Saving Money on India Tour

Bed And Dining

  • It is ok to choose fancy restaurants occasionally. However, stick with local cuisine to find cheaper places to enjoy tasty meals.
  • Go local as much as possible. Taste the street food, camp at night, stay at Matts and enjoy shopping at local stores to save money.
  • There are many price comparison sites for hotels, restaurants, flights and others. Use those platforms to save as much money as possible.
  • Choose local wine brands or stick with water to avoid hike in meal cost.
  • Iconic attraction regions are the worst place to stay, dine or buy souvenirs. Thanks to the monument or attraction, the cost of everything will be quite high. For instance, any hotel, shop or restaurant closer to Taj Mahal will be costlier than the ones, which are little away from the monument.


Saving Money on India Tour


  • While buying or renting services or products, bargain. When Indians see a foreign, they increase their markup by several times. Thus, bargain as much as possible.
  • Stick with government emporiums to save money and buy worthy products. Do not choose dealers recommended by your guide or driver.
Saving Money on India Tour

Travel Package

  • There are many holiday package India options where you can explore India as a part of a small group. By group travels, you can cut-short many overhead charges. Thereby, the overall cost of the vacation is reduced.

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  • India is a land of numerous attractions, which are at prime beauty throughout the year. The winter season is the peak tourism season and the cost of every service will be at the peak. Talk to reliable tour agents like Travelogy India to get the list of places, which will be beautiful even during off-season. Choose those destinations to save a large hole in your wallet.
  • Choose your destination wisely. Some destinations can be explored in a shoestring budget and a few can only be enjoyed on a pulp wallet. Your travel agent would know better.
Saving Money on India Tour


  • If you are planning to have continuous internet service, it is better to buy a local SIM.
  • Pre-download maps of the regions you are planning to cover.
  • Keep a note on the roaming charges. There are many internet call services to avail without spending roaming charges.
Saving Money on India Tour
Do not forgo your health in saving money. Free water in a restaurant or a cheap restaurant on the roadside might look like a good deal. However, stick with clean places to dine. Unhealthy food can lead to health problems, which would add more expenses. In the same note, have a travel insurance before you fly to India.

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