Royal Holiday Vacation Club Book The Vacation Of Your Dreams

The Royal Holiday Vacation Club knows precisely how complicated the process of booking a vacation can be. To provide individuals and their families a better way to enjoy their time off, the company introduced the Royal Holiday Vacation Club Membership – a travel club with a twist.

 The travel club has been providing its members with the most extraordinary trips since 1985 via timeshare properties that members can purchase and book. From the U.S. to Mexico and the Caribbean Islands, Royal Holiday Vacation Club members can enjoy their dream vacation with a range of benefits.

What is a Timeshare?

A timeshare is the usage of a service for a period of time. Meaning the timeshare buyer can visit or use their timeshare when it is their turn. They are usually applied to different real estate properties, including apartments, condominiums, campgrounds, and resorts.

A timeshare is also known as vacation ownership and is a type of fractional ownership. The buyers purchase the right to use and occupy a specific piece of property for a specified period. If a buyer purchases one month of the timeshare on a given property, they buy equivalent to 1/12 ownership. If they purchased a week’s worth of rights, they get 1/52 of the property.

Advantages of a Timeshare

Convenience and Availability

Many buyers go for timeshare investments because they consider it a better alternative to booking a room in a hotel. Since you know exactly when the unit is available, you can schedule a vacation at that specific time. The predictable time the property is open also encourages buyers to take advantage of timeshares to enjoy their dream vacation.

Avoiding the Annoyances Associated With One-Off Vacations

One-off vacations generally come with many challenges, such as the cost, vacancy, type of accommodation available, and required booking time. There is no need to wait to book a dream vacation because a timeshare owner knows precisely when to use the property.

Avoiding Price Fluctuations

The cost of a one-off vacation rises and falls each year. This is usually due to demand, season, and even trends. Timeshares like what you get at Royal Holiday Vacation Club, Timeshares are not subject to price or cost fluctuations. Aside from paying the annual maintenance fees, you simply use the property when it’s your turn. Do timeshare maintenance fees go up? Yes, the fees often vary and go up every year.

Guaranteeing Your Dream Vacation

Since the use of the property is set during a specific time, you know exactly when you should schedule time off. That vacation is guaranteed and protected by the timeshare contract. You merely have to make time for the vacation, pack your bags, and enjoy yourself.

No Budget Concerns

One of the main reasons people do not go on vacations is the cost. One-off vacations usually require setting aside a budget for travel and other expenses. You already have the fees and payments made throughout the year with timeshares, like what Royal Holiday Vacation Club offers.

Avoiding the Complicated Planning Process

Many people want to avoid the complicated process of planning a one-off vacation. When you own a timeshare with a company like Royal Holiday Vacation, you already know exactly where you are headed, when, and for how long. Usually, you only have to call the property or the resort for the reservation. You get to avoid the trouble of finding and comparing deals from different travel companies.

Enjoy Better Amenities

Timeshare properties and resorts are generally more spacious and comfortable than hotel accommodations. Plus, you get to enjoy certain features such as cooking and laundry equipment and full-service kitchens. It is like having a whole house or condo unit of your own to use instead of just a hotel room. 

Depending on the type of timeshare you purchase, you can also enjoy other amenities such as on-site spas, bars, restaurants, swimming pools, and adult and kids’ clubs. You could also access club-affiliated shops, gyms, and specific activities while on vacation.

Book Your Dream Vacation Anywhere in the World

Even if you have purchased a timeshare located in one area, it is possible to enjoy a vacation in another place, region, or even country. You can do this by trading your vacation with another timeshare owner. Many time-sharing properties allow members to enjoy flexible exchange options that include hundreds of their properties around the globe. 

Limitations of Timeshares

Timeshares do have their disadvantages. As a member with a specific time of usage in your contract, you do not have flexibility regarding when you can go. Since a member is only allowed a specific time to book and use the property every year, you cannot schedule a vacation outside that time. Some companies offer a schedule rotation so that all members can enjoy the property at different times of the year.

Why the Royal Holiday Vacation Vacation Club is Different

Royal Holiday Vacation Club members are allowed to visit different resorts and retreats in the company’s regions. They are provided access to homes owned by the club and enjoy special savings and discounts. The club also offers incentives to members throughout the year, including unique price cuts on tours, hotels, restaurants, and cruises. Not only do members travel to the best destinations and enjoy the best amenities, but they also do it in style.

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