Rose Bear Is The Perfect Gift For Your Wife Or Girlfriend

In recent months, a new trend has appeared in the field of gifts and floristry, ready to compete with roses in a flask, which has been firmly occupying leadership positions for several years now. These are the so-called Teddy bears from volumetric 3D roses, which represent the figure of a bear, assembled from more than 500 soft small roses. Of course, these are not live and not stabilized roses – otherwise, the price of such a bear would be very high (some manufacturing companies, for example, Rosecode4u, have compositions in the shape of bears made of stabilized flowers, enclosed in large glass flasks, but due to the high cost, the price of such figures reaches $100, depending on the number of used buds treated with a special solution of roses).

Choosing a gift for a woman is recognized as a separate art form. Jewelry, furs, perfumes belong to the category of winning options, but only if the donor knows the subtleties of the woman’s taste and way his attitude towards the lady. Recently a new product appeared on the market: Bears from 3D roses. Despite the novelty, romantic bears, made in various sizes and colors, have already fallen in love with donors, and have been appreciated by many women

The price of Teddy Bears from volumetric 3D roses is several times lower – on average, from 3 to 5 thousand rubles, depending on the size. Such a pleasant cost is achieved due to the material – foam, or soft latex, is relatively inexpensive, but the price is also made up of the long and painstaking work of the florist, manually collecting such beauty.

The process is as follows: from a special light material, similar in properties to a floristic oasis, a bear figure of the required size is cut out, and then the florist attaches hundreds of small roses to it one by one, one after another, from this soft and pleasant to the touch material.

The bear made of roses is gaining popularity for a reason – such a gift seems to return any woman to her childhood, and even the most strict businesswoman is guaranteed to melt when she sees a bear so close to her almost from birth but also framed by five hundred roses. Needless to say, what delights a bear from 3D rose will cause for a young girl or girl, and what joy this cute toy will bring her every day for many years because such a bear does not even have an expiration date … Is this not a dream come true?

What Are Rose Bears Made Up?

The bears are hand-picked from artificial roses. On average, about 500 roses are needed to cover the entire surface of a toy. Depending on the size of the final product, the number may vary. Flowers are not only fastened but also “collected” by hand. This approach to the manufacturing process avoids the formation of voids and gives the toy a special warmth from human hands.

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