Reduce The Risk of Policy Noncompliance with A Time Card App

Having a clear set of policies and procedures in place is crucial to the success of any business. They help set the rules and guidelines that employees should follow and the punishments for failing to comply with those policies. In many ways, these policies benefit both the business and the employees. However, maintaining attendance policy compliance can be difficult without the right tools to help.

One of the ways that businesses can reduce the risk of noncompliance is by using a modern time card app to make time and attendance compliance more manageable. Not only that, but a time card app makes it possible to track compliance in the first place so that businesses know who is complying and what issues they may be facing. They can then act to make changes so that noncompliance is less of a problem.

Improve Attendance Tracking and Employee Performance

It can be challenging to assess the impact of employee attendance on your business until you experience the adverse effects. Attendance policies are typically put in place for a reason so that the company does not end up short-staffed during a critical period. The problem with most attendance policies is that it is difficult to track and enforce them properly without constant oversight.

Improve Attendance Tracking and Employee Performance

A time card app makes attendance tracking very easy for both managers and employees. Employees know sooner when they are scheduled and can make accommodations to show up for their shifts. They can also report if they will be out or need time off so that managers and the business know that they will need to find coverage.

It also gives managers the tools they need to effectively track attendance in real-time and see who is present for their shifts. They can send out notifications about shifts and scheduling and receive alerts when employees don’t show up for their jobs. Getting updated in real-time about attendance makes time tracking a much more manageable process when it comes to compliance.

Manage Payroll and Report Absences

It’s pretty common with manual team time tracking for employees to cheat the system and take advantage of the fact that there is no real oversight. Time theft and buddy punching are common enough to cause problems in the workplace and inflate labor costs beyond the norm. Managers and payroll employees have no real way of identifying and correcting these issues, so it can be very troublesome for the overall business.

Time theft is not only costly; it can lead to payroll issues that delay paychecks and cause employee unhappiness. Unfortunately, time theft is not the only way that attendance problems can occur; simple oversight is also an issue. Employees and managers can forget about timesheet management or mistake a scheduled absence, such as a doctor’s appointment, as a missed shift. That’s why it’s important to have features in place to avoid confusion about attendance and what constitutes compliance and non-compliance.

A time card app eliminates the potential for errors in reporting and payroll because the job clock records time automatically, scheduling is always kept on track, and employees can’t clock in and out for each other. This reduces the chance of time theft or buddy punching that would alter attendance keeping.

You can also make write-ups and reports easier using a time and attendance app, not only for payroll but for non-compliance issues. This means that if an employee fails to comply, there is documentation, and rules are much easier to enforce. With clear and enforceable policies in place, employees are much more likely to remain in compliance.

Ensuring time and attendance policy compliance can be incredibly challenging if you have a large workforce. Luckily there are many modern time tracking solutions to choose from to ensure that you keep your employees in attendance compliance.