Risk Factors Associated With Buying a Used Golf Course Equipment

Almost everything associated with golf is highly expensive. Whether it is a set of golf clubs or the golf course maintenance equipment, all of them come with a huge price tag. Talking about the maintenance procedure of a golf course, it requires around 6 to 8 different types of equipment. Maintaining the turf of a golf course is not like grass mowing in your lawn. It is a professional level task because of high precision requirements. Each area of a golf course required different maintenance service. Only for the maintenance of turf, we need equipment including reel mowers, rotary mowers, sprayer, dethatcher and aerator. Instead of buying everything as brand new, some used equipment options are also considerable. 

Where to buy used golf course maintenance equipment? 

There are certified agencies of pre-owned golf course equipment certified products of top brands are available. You can select the desired equipment, pay online and get it delivered to your doorsteps. These agencies provide every piece of equipment with a warranty but it is not enough to ensure the quality standard. Below is a list of risk factors you need to consider while buying used turf equipment

Potential risks with used golf course maintenance equipment

  • Obsolete model

The used golf course turf equipment for sale may be an obsolete model discontinued by the manufacturer years ago. In that case, finding original parts becomes very difficult. Consequently, your expensive turf maintenance mower will turn into a piece of junk. Even the supplier doesn’t take responsibility for discontinued models. 

  • No genuine service availability

What if you buy a used John Deere golf course equipment but its service centre is not in your nearby location? The used products suppliers are not accountable for providing you with the convenience of original manufacturer services. If a golf course maintenance equipment brand is not providing services in your area, your investment will go worthless. 

  • Worn-out internal parts

The golf course equipment like mower or bunker rake may look brand new from the outside but nobody knows what is hidden inside. What if the equipment works fine during the trial period and starts causing trouble after two or three months? 

  • Limited warranty coverage

Used turf maintenance equipment comes with a limited warranty of three or four months only. Also, their warranty coverages have a lot of exceptions. Therefore, warranty cards of even certified and licensed suppliers are also suspicious. 

  • No life span prediction

Nobody can predict the lifespan of a used golf course maintenance equipment. Maybe it serves the purpose efficiently for 5-6 years or stops working only after a few months. 

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Do some research on the credibility of suppliers offering used golf course turf equipment for sale. Try to find a referral from people who are already using used turf maintenance equipment without facing any quality or service related issue. 

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