Retouch Your Product photos or Get out of Business

Product Photo Retouching Services are being widely used by eCommerce companies as there is no way out other than doing it. You might just as well get out of business if you decide not to retouch your product images. All your competitors are doing it. They are retouching their product images before putting them on their eCommerce stores. You might as well do the same to be in the competition or face the impending doom.

Why Product Photos Require Retouching

All commercial product photos require some level of editing. Editing and retouching is a must for any commercial product photo to be publish worthy.

A company might hire the top-notch commercial photographer. The photographer might have a state-of-the-art studio along with a skilled support team. He or she might be using the high-end gears with all the bells and whistles during photoshoot. After all this and that, product photos will still not come out of the camera print ready. Some form of retouching is needed to make it suitable for eCommerce platform.

Why? Because that the nature of the game! Commercial product photography is not done in one shot. Few different stages of production and post production editing required to make it suitable for commercial purposes.

There are various reasons as to why a product photo will require retouching. Sometimes it will be needed to eliminate the imperfections, adjust light and color contrast, remove camera dust that accidentally gets added to the image without the knowledge of the photographer, remove the background, etc.

What Kind of Product Photos Require Retouching

Wide range of commercial products will require retouching. Whether it is kids’ toys, supermarket grocery items, fashion products like clothing, beauty products like cosmetics, bicycles, cars, you just name it – all products will require retouching.

Aside from product photos, fashion model photographs, portrait photos, wedding photos, newborn photos, they all require retouching.

How Product Photo Retouching is Done

Sometimes product photographers retouch their own images if they are not that busy with work. If a photographer only shoots few images here and there, he will have the time to retouch his or her own photos at the end of the day.

However, a busy photographer or a busy studio will not have the time to edit their own product photos and will find it totally unproductive to do so. Since they can outsource them for a cost that doesn’t worth their time investing on, they find it most efficient and productive to outsource the editing part to a product photo retouching services provider like Joolo Media.

A retouch studio is a studio or a company who is engaged in the business of editing images. Some retouch studios only work on commercial images while others work on pretty much everything.

A retouch studio has a team of skilled photoshop professionals who are experts in retouching wide range of images. However, if a company is looking to hire a retouch studio for their image retouching needs, it is best to hire a company that is specialized in commerce product photography editing.

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