When it comes to finding an effective skincare product, it can be difficult to know if a particular product is right for your skin. With over five different skin types on average each has distinct characteristics, and understanding them can assist you in taking better care of your skin. Each skincare routine should be tailored to what works best for you.

With the availability and range of ingredients in each skincare product targeted to deliberate skin types, it can be easier than ever to source a product tailored to your needs.

With brands that are committed to delivering skincare products that will greatly improve skin health including and demonstrating science-backed research, they can effectively show results. Making it simpler than ever to find something that suits your skin specifically. Therefore we indulge in a few of our favourites for multiple skin types. 

Know your SPF

We all need an SPF all year round but which SPF is right for you depends on your skin type. There are numerous SPFs out there on the market that protect against harmful rays as well as adapt to your skin type whether that be dry skin or oily skin or sun damaged skin. 

SPF for Oily Skin

With SkinCeuticals Residue-Free SPF, oily skin can now have its own treatment. When we think of an average sunscreen we think of a runny greasy bottle, but for oily skin, there is an ideal option for you. With broad spectrum UV that has mattifying properties to reduce oiliness, it’s the perfect disguise to add to your everyday life. 

SPF for Dry Skin

For those on the other side of the skincare spectrum with overly dry skin, although sunscreen naturally has moisturizing properties it isn’t necessarily long-lasting and can be overly greasy rather than hydrating. With an ultra facial defense sunscreen by SkinCeuticals, they can provide a whopping 12 hour of hydration whilst still being lightweight and easily absorbing. With the high strength protection and fragrance free ingredients it’s ideal to wear under your daily makeup acting as the perfect protection primer.  

SPF for Sun Damaged Skin

If you have sun damaged skin from previous mistakes with not applying enough sunscreen there are also options available for comprehensive protection and defense against premature skin aging. Recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation as an effective broad spectrum sunscreen SPF 50 shields you from damaging UVA/UVB rays alongside IR rays and HEV light. 

Why Does The Sun Make Me Break Out? 

When it comes to tanning we can often find that the sun can make us break out a little. But why is that? Well, when we over-expose our skin to the sun’s rays it dries our skin out. The sebaceous glands that produce the sebum that gives our skin oil works in overdrive and therefore produces more oil known as seborrhea which is a key factor responsible for the development of blemishes. 

To protect against this, SPF is more important than ever to wear everyday to protect your skin from drying the skin out as well as its harmful rays, as well as avoiding any long sun exposure. It’s also advised to treat your skin right and effectively clean your skin by using products that may also help to remove excess sebum like that of the Dr Barbara Sturm Enzyme Cleanser to loosen the conjunction between dead skin cells, deeply cleanses and prevents breakouts. 

Brighten The Skin All Year Round

We all love to achieve that summer glow but what if I said there are ways to achieve it sun free. With an effective skincare routine that includes a range of ingredients including the highest of vitamin C serums out there mixed alongside other ingredients like Glycolic acid. It can rapidly resurface and remove dead skin cells to achieve a brighter summer sheen leaving the skin with a dramatically brighter and healthier-looking complexion. 

As well as vitamin C working wonders on your skin due to it accelerating the production of both collagen and elastin in the skin which helps lead to the skin looking plump and firm. Another option to achieve a summer sheen is glow drops, an ideal solution for those seeking a natural glow from within, they use Wild rose extracts to help refine pores as well as Light reflecting pigments work to enhance glow. Hot on the market glow drops are an ideal to achieve that summer glow all year round whilst also being designed to treat your skin and help reduce signs of ageing.