14 Responsive Web Design Resources For Developers

We’re living in a technology-dependent era. People are literally glued to their phones almost every waking hour. The internet has made the world small by bringing humans from all horizons close by. In the blink of an eye, we can contact our Facebook pal miles, or even continents away and enquire how their day went. On the flip side, these mobiles, tablets, laptops also distance us from our loved ones as we neglect to spend quality time with them because of how engrossed we are in our social media world. Harsh, but true. 

Sad reality apart, the internet somewhat has become the road more used for success. And why not? The online platform has a far wider reach and that’s why successfully builds a stronger client base as compared to the conventional methods. Your website is your introduction. And going by the saying, “the first impression is the last impression“, your website must be so dazzling and remarkable that it is hard to miss. Along with making your website memorable enough, ensuring an optimal viewing experience is equally crucial to be fairly desired by all and increase clientele. And this need for performance uniformity is met through responsive web designing

Responsive Web Design Resources

When we talk about “responsive” web design, we are citing a design strategy of the kind that caters to all different types of needs of the users and the devices they’re using. The web page scales its elements and content according to the size and approach of the device it is viewed on.

Responsive Web Design Resources

This article will take you on a journey of some of the finest web design resources that would help you get into the responsive state of mind and thus create websites that will render charmingly flexible performance.

Let’s get started, folks! 


The spot-on way to keep up with all the news and updates of the designing hemisphere. Newsletters get dropped right into your inbox with the handpicked best stuff. Here are some:

  • Webdesigner News: A user-friendly daily with every bit of news from the past few days to weeks. 
Webdesigner News for web developers
  • The Smashing Newsletter: A jack of all trades, this one’s loaded with wonderful design & dev space content (coding modules, WordPress and UX design articles,). 
Smashing magazine for web developers
  • The Web Designer: For the designers, by the designers. No blogs or communities, the web designers focus exclusively on being a newsletter offering dozens of design freebies, JS plugins, and inspirational articles weekly. 
 The web designer for web developers
  • CSS Weekly: Dedicated solely to CSS and optionally offering tools/resources on Sass, Less, and others alike. 
CSS weekly for web developers
  • CodingJag: CodingJag is a testing newsletter by LambdaTest that’ll pay you weekly inbox visits with the knowledge of Testing, Development, CI/CD and Automation. This one deserved a nod. 
CodingJag  for web developers


Blogs help you trend. They’re informants of the latest design framework and full of free and useful templates and plugins, and WordPress, Sketch and Photoshop note. Blogs upgrade your skillset. 

  • LT Blogs: From selenium automation testing to web development, the LambdaTest community provides blogs on all the latest and trending topics. Whether a user is a beginner or an expert, they got something for everyone.
LT Blogs  for web developers
  • Design Shack: An organised, easy to access blog library with 3,000+ blogs classified under more than 11 categories.
Design Shack  for web developers
  • Creative Bloq: Contains stacks of sample graphical website designs, timely updated web & logo design trends, general art posts and a “Reviews section” about design tools. 
Creative Blogs for web developers
  • Hongkiat: Has tons of Photoshop tutorials & WordPress themes along with practical and original business philosophy for designers. Their social commerce section deals with the social & creative aspect of web design. 
Hongkiat for web developers


Podcasts are a source of engaging Audio inspiration filled with ideas on current and coming web design trends technologies. You also get some business psychology advice and a peek into the minds of successful designers. 

  • The Web Ahead: A weekly podcast with Jen Simmons (web designer and front-end developer) where experts meet & voice their opinions about web design and its future. 
The Web Ahead for web developers
  • A Responsive Web Design Podcast: A talk show, where each guest interview teaches responsiveness and redesigning of websites. They interview guests from Microsoft, Expedia, NPR and the Guardian etc. 
Responsive Web Design for web developers
  • LambdaTest: Its newsletter service, Coding Jag, presents many beneficial podcasts too. You get to grasp a whole range of existing as well as advancing software test practices. Around 20 new articles & podcasts are brought to you every Thursday. With Coding Jag it’s a win-win for both readers and listeners. Check out all this for free and even without any subscription tantrums. 
Lambda Test for web developers


YouTube is the ideal platform for premier training in any field. Likewise, there are a myriad of helpful channels sharing designing tutorials & trends, and business, freelancing and career tips for designers. 

  • Envato Tuts+: Loaded with basic explanations of numerous topics like fonts, animation etc, and many practical guides to various applications.
Charli Marie for web developers


The swarm of responsive web design tools serve many different kinds of purposes: 

Responsive design templates for those wanting just plain responsive designing for their website. For example:-

  • HostGator Website Builder: An advanced website builder with 100+ responsive website templates to choose from. It is so simple to build an adaptive design as the templates are highly customizable. 
HostGator Website Builder for web developers

Tools to facilitate responsive design processing made for expert designers. 

  • FitVids: A simple and freebie plugin to make your website’s videos flexible enough to adapt to diverse screen sizing. 
Fitvids for web developers
  • FitText: This plugin rescales the texts according to the viewer’s desktop dimensions. 
FitText for web developers
  • Adaptive Images: Quickly grooms the images to adjust their orientation.
Adaptive Images for web developers


There is an abundance of applications that will make your web designing journey effortless & enjoyable. 

  • Dribbble(iOS): Dribbble has always been a place for designers to share & discuss their work. Now it is in the form of an interactive free app. You can download it on your iPhone & iPad and can access the same content on your desktop too. 
Dribbble for web developers
  • Adobe CC: This one has two distinctive features – Type and Colors. With the Type attribute, it detects the font of any selected text. And the Colors option quickly determines the color palette of any captured image. 
Adobe CC for web developers


Web designing software works by combining different elements easily without coding and/or uses software platforms with amenable web code such as HTML, CSS or JavaScript.

  • CoffeeCup software: Provides professional responsive design solutions in the form of several apps like an HTML editor, web form builder, and a shopping cart designer. 
  • WordPress: Although this one’s a content management system, but comes with many readymade website templates and community-supported add-ons. 

Apart from the ones that help you produce a design, you need software for testing your creation too. Obviously, you got to ensure your viewers get a faultless & perfect end product. 

Responsive testing software lets you check the functioning of your website. 

  • LT Browser: It is a great tool to be used for responsive design testing. Users can check the responsiveness of a website simultaneously on different devices using the side by side mirror interaction feature. Now, you must be wondering what a mirror interaction feature is! It simply means that any action performed on one device will be replicated on the other one as well (As you can see in the below image).

Besides all these, it also provides designing and developing of responsive web apps, lighthouse reports for improving your website’s performance, one-click bug logging and testing of the website under various mobile network conditions. Using LT Browser users can also perform mobile view debugging on 50+ screen sizes.  It is trusted by many, that is why it has been ranked the top 5th product on the product hunt by the users. 

CSS Frameworks

Creating perfectly responsive CSS requires experience and perseverance. Using an already built framework comes in handy in this case. 

  • Bootstrap: An open-source tool for front-end development. It includes a responsive grid system, powerful JavaScript plugins, extensive prebuilt components, and Sass variables and mixins.
Bootstrap for web developers
  • ZURB Foundation: It is less popular than bootstrap but its unique aspects are admirable. Comprises a huge tool collection, is hugely customizable, offers professional tutorials and even displays various pricing policies & form validations. 
Zurb foundation for web developers


Becoming an expert web designer doesn’t come easy. That’s why it is crucial to seek and take online courses and tutorials. This’ll boost your designing as well as business skills. 

  • WebProfessionals.org: Its an online organization teaching basics like how to create, manage, and market websites and also CSS and HTML in the long run. 
WebProfessionals for web developers
  • Dreamweaver: This program gives primary knowledge of designing, coding, testing and publishing websites. Great way to enhance your capacity. 
Adobe Dreamweaver for web developers
  • LambdaTest: Wanna test your final webpage like an expert? Well, LambdaTest can groom you with its tutorials on TestNG, Selenium C# & 4, JUnit, NUnit, Protractor, WebDriverIO and Jenkins. Enrol in as many you need, and inspect your project from all angles. 


They say, “Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend.” Well, books can also be your guiding light on the path to responsive web designing. Here are a few:

  • Responsive Web Design by Ethan Marcotte: Learn to explore CSS design principles, craft beautiful designs using fluid grids and images and read media queries. And all of this from the originator of the responsiveness concept, Ethan Marcotte. 
Ethan Marcotte for web developers
  • Responsive Design Workflow by Stephen Hay: This book teaches intrinsic principles of web design(content first, universal design, etc) and a practical approach. Filled with many simple, concrete web making directions which even non-programmers can utilise. 
Responsive Design Workflow for web developers


Webinars are events hosted by organizations/companies that are broadcasted to the general public via the internet. These are held by industry experts in the form of live sessions discussing the latest and trending skills and technologies. 

  • Shopify Partner Webinars: A series of free webinars are run addressing topics from animation with Val Head, to dirty front-end tricks with Vitaly Friedman. Live sessions are recorded to be uploaded on the YouTube channel. 
Shopify Partner Webinar for web developers

Softwares like Adobe Connect, Megameeting etc, make real-time collaborations flawless. 

To ensure your site’s responsiveness, always rely on manual and automation testing. You can find a series of webinars on the Lambdatest website. They’ve partnered with companies like Dunelm, TestCafe and Applitools to address topics such as Mobile First Approach and Testing, challenges of digital transformation and codeless automation, true CBT coverage and many more. Their gripping webinars on Circle CI and guidance webinars for the ‘new normal’ will help give a new direction to your perspective.


It is extremely helpful when you can get suggestions. With forum communities, we can interact and discuss the design with other artists. You can find multiple such forums on the internet so one or the other is bound to suit your needs. 

  • Designer Hangout: This forum is a close-knit social network for UX designers. You build a professional network, invite people and discuss & exchange views on website designing. 
Designer Hangout for web developers
  • Reddit: Who hasn’t heard about Reddit? Be it any topic, this has a subforum, called subreddit, for each and everything. 
Reddit for web developers
  • Designfreebies: A great community that contains high quality & free design goodies for all. And you can do your part by sometimes contributing a few ideas as well. 
Designfreebies for web developers

You’re also welcome to join the Lambdatest community. Simply make a profile and join it. Get all your queries resolved. 


There are many websites that can aid your responsive webpage building. These have wonderful arrays of designing tricks that are actually gems of wisdom. 

  • W3Schools: This famous website answers many ‘Hows’ about so many topics be it a small query or a complex doubt. It also provides certification courses for a number of technical languages. 
w3schools for web developers
  • Dropbox: This one serves as an inspiration with its insightfully flexible website. The way it smoothly adapts to any device configuration from desktops to mobiles to tablets, it sets an amazing example for all designers. 
Dropbox  for web developers
  • Klientboost: Klietboost’s appreciation lies in its swift loading speed(under 4 seconds on a 3G network). Its modifiable persona automatically adjusts itself to the device statistics. Like on tablet devices it shows a hamburger menu icon and callout, whereas for mobile phones users the menu icon and call-to-action button are displayed. 
klientboost for web developers


Gifs are animated files that are interesting & intriguing. Nowadays, gifs are shifting from just being funny meme material to have a more professional alter ego because of a rise in their use in the web designing & development world. 

  • Headscape: This UK based company employs gifs to cleverly augment the effectiveness of its site. 
Headscape for web developers
  • Invision: This site craftily uses gifs in the demo and user manual of its app. 
Invision for web developers

Responsive web design is not just a trend; it is actually how sites are supposed to be built, which means focusing on responsiveness right from the beginning. Even Google also regards this as the ‘industry’s best practice’. Furthermore, the higher the responsiveness, the easier is your SEO management as this custom attracts more traffic. It’s a must-have to be at the top of your viewers’ choices. Deploy the mentioned resources and deliver an enchanting experience to all your consumers. 

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