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In a world where data is the most important stuff, artificial intelligence techniques have become the most crucial ones to do the best out of this data. Artificial intelligence has drastically changed the way businesses function and also the ways we do our routine tasks. The power of AI is being utilised across all industry verticals around the world. 

With enhanced capabilities and efficiency, and also cost-effective solutions, AI has become an inseparable part of businesses as well as individuals. All major enterprises are employing AI techniques mostly to build cost-effective solutions, engage and retain customers, improve user experience, and eventually improve ROIs. 

AI is expected to create more than 2 million jobs across the industries and the job market for AI is projected to shoot up to USD 191 billion by 2024. 

Also, the AI market is booming and it is projected to grow with a CAGR of 35.6% from 2021 to 2026.

Since upskilling has become crucial for the IT workforce, professionals prefer online courses to do so. This is because it is a safe and comfortable mode of upskilling oneself. 

Before looking at the best resources to learn AI, let’s have an overview of this technology.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

When human intelligence is simulated into machines, it is called Artificial Intelligence. AI-based systems are the ones that are programmed to think and act like humans. So any machine that exhibits human traits such as problem-solving or learning, can be referred to as an AI system. 

AI-based systems have the ideal characteristic of the ability to rationalize and make decisions that have the best chances of attaining the desired goal. The goals of AI may include perception, reasoning, and learning. 

Today AI has widespread its landscape to cover almost every industry including healthcare, banking, investments and finance, media and entertainment, transport, logistics, manufacturing, robotics, and many more. 

This is the most important reason that professionals are choosing to learn AI; they can get into the industry of their choice. Plus, the shortage of skilled and trained professionals has made companies pay huge salaries to IT professionals with advanced skillsets and certifications. 

So, the best time to learn this revolutionary technology is NOW!! 

The best to way learn artificial intelligence is by taking up an online training course from an accredited institute. A good training course will equip you with all the required skills and knowledge in order to make you capable of building your AI-powered applications soon. 

Here is the list of some of the top resources that you can choose to take to acquire the required knowledge and skills. 

Top Resources to Learn AI

  1. Post Graduate Program in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning by Simplilearn

When we discuss online training courses, Simplilearn comes on top. CareerKarma has ranked this course as #1 among the best AI and ML courses. 

This post-graduate program by Simplilearn enables you to unlock your potential as an AI and ML expert. You will get to learn all the important topics included in the course such as machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, computer vision, reinforcement learning, and speech recognition.

The skills covered in this course include:

  • Supervised learning
  • Unsupervised learning
  • Reinforcement learning
  • Computer vision
  • Natural language processing
  • Neural networks

The tools covered in this course include Python, Keras, TensorFlow, Matplotlib, Kubernetes, and Django.

Some of the special features of this course by Simplilearn are:

  • Self-paced learning
  • Instructor-led course
  • Rigorous curriculum that is specifically crafted by industry experts 
  • You will get to work on popular industry projects such as delivery service providers, social media, transportation service providers, and more
  • You will get to go hands-on with all the important tools and techniques used in this domain
  • 3 capstone projects
  • Highly-interactive course
  • Master classes delivered via IBM experts and Purdue faculty

With so many features, this AI course is worth giving a try.

  1. AI for Everyone by Coursera

The name of the course suggests that it is not only meant for computer science professionals. Everyone can get into the field of artificial intelligence with this course by Coursera. So, if you are from a non-tech background, you can still take this course and learn AI to leverage it for your organization. 

This course enables you to grasp the concepts of machine learning, data science, deep learning, and neural networks. You will learn about the capabilities of AI, the ways AI can solve problems in your organization, build machine learning and data science projects, build AI strategies for your company by working with different departments, and navigate societal and ethical issues around AI. 

The skills covered in this course are:

  • AI terminology
  • AI strategies
  • Workflow of Machine Learning Projects
  • Workflow of Data Science Projects

The special features of this course include flexible deadlines, different languages to choose from, and entirely online so that you can start learning anytime, and you will earn a shareable certificate upon completion of the course. 

  1.  Introduction to Artificial Intelligence by Udacity

This course by Udacity enables you to go through the fundamental concepts of Artificial Intelligence including Statistics, Bayes networks, and Uncertainty. It also includes machine learning, logic, and planning.

Then you will head toward its applications that include computer vision and image processing, natural language processing and information retrieval, robotics, and robot motion planning. 

By taking this course, you will get to enhance your skillset and foster your hirability via independent and innovative learning. The important features of this course include rich learning content to provide quality training, interactive quizzes to keep a check on your skills and knowledge acquired, self-paced learning, and instructor-led training.

  1. Learning from Data (Introductory Machine Learning) by edX

This introductory machine learning course by edX covers basic concepts, algorithms, and applications of Machine Learning. With this course, you will get to cultivate a mathematical understanding of machine learning by covering the topics such as matrices and calculus, basic probability, and statistical concepts. 

This course is specifically designed for professionals who wish to make their careers in the field of data science or data analytics. The course is conducted by industry experts to make sure that the training delivered is top quality and that you can make the most out of it.


With the list of top online resources to learn AI mentioned, you can choose according to the features that best suit you. Learning AI to advance your career is the best move you can take, which will surely enable you to shoot up your salaries incredibly. 

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