Basic Steps in the Research Paper Writing Process

Many of us are into research. But doing research is not everything. You have to interpret it into a paper. The following steps provide a simple yet effective approach to writing your research paper. A research paper is nothing as creative as a hermit crab essay or novel writing.

Research Paper Writing Process

Identifying and developing your topic

It may be the most challenging step in writing your research paper. However, you should do it correctly because it is the first step. Below are some tips on how to select a topic:

  • It should be within your assignment requirements. In most cases, your lecturer indicates what the paper should cover, and failure to adhere to the guidelines will earn you a low grade.
  • Be sure to select a topic on something you are interested in.
  • The topic should be one that you can find adequate information. There is a need to do preliminary research before selecting a topic.
  • Originality- ensure that your topic stands out from other students to keep the lecturer interested in reading your paper.
  • If you cannot find an appropriate topic, seek help from your lecturer.

After identifying a topic, frame it as a research question.

Conducting a preliminary research

Before writing, research to establish whether the topic selected has adequate information. Search the Internet for scholarly articles and reliable websites or visit the college library. Using keywords will help you get appropriate titles for your topic. Remember to read selected readings, textbooks, lecture notes, and discussion boards for additional information. If no adequate information exists on the topic, you should adjust your topic’s focus. Besides, you can also hire an experienced research paper writer from this paper writing service when you follow this link to aid you in conducting the preliminary research.

Locating the sources

At this point, you have a clear direction for your research paper. Start identifying sources based on the topic. As mentioned earlier, a keyword search is crucial. Use subject dictionaries and search engines to locate sources on the Internet. Consider using electronic periodical databases in your school library to find newspaper articles and magazines. Opt for titles suited to your topic.

Evaluating your sources

Check the CARS Checklist for Information quality to understand essential tips that will help you evaluate the quality and authority of the identified sources. Your research paper should have reliable, truthful, and credible information- ensure that your source provides the same. It is worth noting that most internet sources are unreliable hence the need to be keen about them.

Making notes

Read through your selected sources while making notes on information useful to the research paper. Also, document the sources used while writing crucial details on the URL, publisher, title, and author to include in the bibliography.

Writing your paper

Start by organizing the gathered information, then prepare a rough draft to help you organize your ideas. The draft will also help you understand the form of your final paper. Remember to revise the draft as much as possible to generate a final document that you will submit for grading.

Citing sources properly

Cite all information gathered from sources. It will give the authors credit and help you locate the sources used. If you fail to cite sources, you will receive poor grades and punishment due to plagiarism. Furthermore, remember to use the citation format preferred by your department.


It is the final step of writing your research paper. Here, you need to re-read your paper while correcting punctuation, grammar, and spelling errors. Be sure to cite your sources properly.

Other tips

  • If you do not understand the assignment, consult your lecturer
  • If you cannot find any information in the library, consult your librarian
  • Consider using print sources- they may be more helpful
  • Remember to work from general to specific

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