The Best Tool to Repair Your Videos on Mac

Many video file formats exist, making it difficult to decide which one to employ. There are a variety of file types available, including MOV and MP4. The Apple ecosystem supports both lossless video formats. But to use these formats well you have to Repair Your Videos on Mac.

When it comes to moving, converting, or playing video files on your Mac, you may be experiencing some challenges and might be inoperable. As a matter of fact, the video file that you’re dealing with needs to get repaired in order to be useable again.

In this article, we will discuss:

  • Reasons behind the damage of your video files
  • How to Repair your video with Repairit
  • Standard ways to repair your video
  • Precautionary measure from any future damage
  • Conclusion

Why your video is corrupted!

There are certain reasons behind the file being corrupted but this issue is temporary and your file can be brought to life. You video file may be influenced by the following factors:

  • Your Mac has been infected with a virus, rendering the video inaccessible.
  • False data – If incorrect information is written to a correct file or correct information is written to an incorrect file, the data may get obfuscated and the file corrupted.
  • Storage Medium Damage–This is a common type of damage in which the hard drive or storage device renders parts of a file physically illegible, resulting in an error.
  • You’re saving a video and the computer shuts down or crashes while you’re doing so, the file gets corrupted.

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Repair your Video on Mac

Your video is only three steps away from being fixed with free video repair software. With just a few clicks, you may repair your video on Mac with the video repair software without losing its original quality and make your unplayable videos usable. You can get your mp4 repair for free

Ready to get your video back? Let’s Start

Step 1: Download & Launch Repairit

Launch the repair it tool on your MacBook after downloading it. You can download the repair software here. At the bottom of the tool, you’ll see an ‘add’ button. Simply drag your damaged MOV, MP4, or M4V video from your desktop into the software by clicking the button.

Repair Your Videos on Mac Using Repairit Step 1
Repair Your Videos on Mac Using Repairit Step 1

Step 2: RepairIt

To begin repairing your document, click the Repair option. Wait until the repair is completed.

Repair Your Videos on Mac Using Repairit Step 2
Repair Your Videos on Mac Using Repairit Step 2

Step 3: Preview Your File

After the repair procedure is completed, you will be able to preview your video in a variety of formats to ensure that the results are as expected.

Repair Your Videos on Mac Using Repairit Step 3
Repair Your Videos on Mac Using Repairit Step 3


You can now use the advanced function if you are unhappy with the results or don’t get the one you want. 

Advanced Video Repair:

Repairit gives you a feature of Advance Repair.

You can upload a sample video and evaluate the data to see if it needs to be repaired. Make sure that your sample video and the damaged file(s) are in the same directory and have the same format.

Repair Your Videos on Mac Advanced Repair
Repair Your Videos on Mac Advanced Repair

Select your preferred format (MOV, M4V, or MP4) and save the files to any directory.

Repair Your Videos on Mac Advanced Repair 2
Repair Your Videos on Mac Advanced Repair 2

When you’ve successfully saved your file, you’ll get a confirmation pop-up that your file has been repaired. This message will include a link to your saved file’s location.

If you don’t want to use an application to fix your files, you can use the following standard methods on your Mac.

Convert the video format

  • Go to the ‘File’ menu
  • Click on Transcode/Save & Next
  • Select the video by clicking on the right-hand button & Next
  • Set the Video and Audio Formats, Codecs, and Bit Rates as needed and then click Next.
  • Select the location where you want your converted video to be saved.

Your file is now ready for use! 

Change the File Extension

  • To change the extension, click on the file and select ‘Get Info’ from the drop-down menu.
  • Click on the Name & Extension tab and enter your required extension.

Time Machine Backup

  • On your MacBook, go to the system preferences and open Time Machine and then show Time Machine in the menu bar
  • Here, all the backed-up folders will be shown. Choose the folder containing your corrupted file and select it.

Precautions for Future Damages

Now that you’ve successfully repaired your, you should take precautions for future files. There are several methods you can use to protect your videos from damage.

  • Ensure that your device is virus-free.
  • Make a backup of your content before editing it. So that if you need to rework on it, you already have the content, and backup can help you save time. Of course, working smart is essential!
  • Check to see if your device has enough storage space before you start making the video.
  • If you’re saving the file to an external drive, double-check that it’s virus-free and in good working order.
  • Another major issue that can harm your file while saving is a lack of Internet connectivity.
  • Take precautions if you have any doubts about your Mac device’s functionality! So, if you’ve been putting your mac on hibernate or sleep for a long time, it’s best to shut it down properly and turn it back on before making changes to the file, as there’s a chance the device will crash while running a heavy software or file.
  • Check to see if you’re using the proper editing software. Some software illegally corrupts your data without your knowledge. Before downloading any software, double-check its licence/verification.


The damage to the video file is only temporary, and it can be repaired with easy-to-use free video repair software. It is a highly recommended software that allows you to access multiple features and get the results you want in a matter of minutes without having to worry about a complicated process. In the case of conventional ways, there is no surety to you of your files getting back. So it’s better to play safe and save time using the verified video repair software.

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