Is Renting A Vacation Home Instead of A Hotel Worth It

Several factors can influence your choice of accommodation for a trip. The destination, length, budget of your trip, etc., all play a significant factor in selecting a holiday home over hotels when on a vacation. So, here is a brief comparison between the two, which should help you figure out if renting a vacation home instead of a hotel is worth it.

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Why renting a vacation home instead of a hotel on a vacation

Mentioned below are some of the most important factors to consider when contemplating the choice of vacation homes or hotels. Continue reading to find out which one to pick when planning the perfect holiday trip.

Budget and length of stay

A vacation rental is more flexible when it comes to the duration of the stay. On the other hand, most hotels charge on a per night basis. If you are planning to stay longer, i.e., a few days to a week, the average nightly cost of a vacation rental can end up being lower than that of a hotel.

Moreover, with access to a personal kitchen, guests can cook their own meals instead of ordering the meals from restaurants, which can lead to additional savings. If you are traveling with family, the added cost benefits of a vacation rental might be ideal when on a tight budget.

Location and privacy

A vacation home offers much more privacy compared to the crowds that come with booking family hotels. If bonding and reconnecting with your friends and family is a priority on this trip, luxury rental villas from My Rental Homes are the ideal choice for your trip.

However, if you want to be close to the tourist destinations and want to make new friends, hotels, with their common shared spaces, present the opportunity to meet other guests. So, you will need to consider the location where you want to stay and the level of privacy you demand from this trip before finalizing the accommodation.

Convenience and amenities

Hotels also tend to cost higher because they are situated closer to the cities, tourist destinations, restaurants, etc. In fact, hotels base their pricing based on the convenience of the customers and will charge higher if the meals and connectivity options are readily available. The meals being served and not having to worry about cleaning up is convenient but comes at a cost.

If traveling with family and friends, the convenience of cooking your meals can be extremely cost-effective. You might also get access to a washer and dryer to clean your clothes instead of paying for laundering services.


Since both vacation rentals and hotels have their pros and cons, you will have to consider your priorities when selecting one for your trip. If traveling with family or a group, My Rental Homes has an exclusive collection of stunning vacation rentals that will be the ideal solution to make your trip safe and enjoyable.