Rent a car in Tbilisi and visiting “Town of Love”

Sighnaghi is a fortress town in Georgia which is famous with its great views on Alazani valley and other interesting places to explore. It is one of the most popular places in the country for tourists. The main landmark is a fortress which was built in the 18th century. The fortress wall has towers dividing it into sections which can be accessed by wooden stairs. There are also a lot of other landmarks in the town like historical monuments and churches.

Renting a vehicle in Tbilisi

You will need to hire a vehicle in Tbilisi to get to the place in comfort. There are a lot of different car rental companies in the country and I suggest taking a car at GSS Car Rental. This company has a good reputation and reliable vehicles for rent. Besides that, the prices are affordable and the quality of their services is great. I have rented Toyota SUV and was very satisfied with the vehicle condition. You can make a booking at GSS Car

Sighnaghi sightseeing

After you have got the car you can drive to Sighnaghi, by the way GSS can provide minivans if you are travelling in a company. The fortress wall of the town is quite big and you will definitely notice it after approaching the town. Its length is about 5 kilometers, and the of walls of the fortress surround the entire old part of the town, they are well-maintained so it’s quite safe to walk under. There is a special place here on the top of the town where you can see the whole settlement from the above. It will be an appropriate place to make plans for Sighnaghi exploration.

The common architecture here looks like Italian style but with traditional Georgian elements. People sometimes call Sighnaghi – a “town of love” because of its charming street views and ancient buildings. Kakheti region, where this town is located, is famous with its cuisine and wineries, so it would be a great idea to visit the local restaurant and taste the food, it’s really delicious. Georgian wine doesn’t taste like any other wines I know, so it’s also worth checking.

There are a lot of interesting things to see in this town, so you will just need to have a vehicle and go exploring Sighnaghi. You will also notice a lot of points of interest while driving on the road to this town so I suggest renting a car and feel free to stop at any interesting place and explore it. Renting a car in Tbilisi at GSS Car Rental was a really good idea, because I have stopped on the road nearly ten times. You have to see Sighnaghi by your own eyes because it’s really very beautiful place and is definitely worth visiting if you are going to travel to Georgia.

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