Reduce or Quit Drugs? Which Way to Go

Is your addiction getting bad? Maybe it is time to reduce or quit drinking and live a healthier life. Too much alcohol can lead to serious health problems such as liver and heart disease, stroke, cancer, and depression. Seek expert advice on ways to cut back or abstain from alcohol completely.

Schedule Alcohol-Free Days Per Week

The first step is to acknowledge you are drinking too much. Then, know how much alcohol you are taking daily. You can use a tracking app, calendar, or the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) calculator to determine your intake. Plan two or more alcohol-free days in a week, and after some time, you will reduce the percentage of alcohol and eventually win over the addiction.

Involve Your Family/Friends

Your loved ones can provide support and encouragement after stopping drinking. Open up to them, and that way, if either of them were your drinking companion, they would stop bothering you with drinks. Also, a loved one will keep watching and helping you out if you attempt drinking. While attending an event with drinks, someone who understands you will help you turn down alcohol.

Stay Hydrated

You might go for alcohol when you are thirsty. Take enough water daily and incorporate your favorite drink to quench your thirst. Try some creativity, such as infusing water with herbs or fruits, juice, or adding cinnamon or other spices to tea or chocolate. The excellent taste will reduce the need to have a glass of wine.

Practice Self-care

Alcoholics rarely have time for themselves, which makes them feel worthless and develop self-hatred. Good self-care tips can help you manage your feelings and take care of your body and mind. Create time for visiting a salon/barbershop or a spa.

Ask for Professional Support

Cutting down on alcohol alone is not easy. Look for professional help, get detox, and ways of managing your addiction. Enjoy counseling, support groups, and staff who understand your challenges at

Avoid Loneliness

Most addicts turn to alcohol to beat loneliness. If you drink to find solace and comfort, it’s time to connect with friends/family. You can also join a local football, basketball, or dancing club, which will make you busy and lack time for drinks.

Looking for Sober Friends

It is not easy to quit drinking when spending time with your drinking companions. Seek friendship with sober people who care about you. They will ensure you don’t go to a bar or any other place with drinks. They, too, will not take alcohol in your presence.

Be Physically Active

Some people turn to alcohol to relieve stress or anxiety. Regular exercise helps to boost your energy and reduce stress. Try physical activities such as cycling, hiking, walking, or running to help cope with negative thoughts and alcohol cravings. Make it a daily routine activity and enjoy time outside in nature.

Drink Slowly

Avoid drinking a glass of wine at once, and instead, take a sip and take a nonalcoholic drink in between. However, ensure your stomach is full.

Don’t Store Alcohol At Home

Keeping alcohol in your house can bring lots of temptations. Leaving the house to go buy a drink can deter the urge, and look for a way to manage the craving. Also, avoid offering alcohol to your friends. If they must take, encourage them to buy their drinks and leave with the remainder. Similarly, ask your roommates to avoid storing drinks in the house.

If you feel your drinking has gotten out of control, consider getting alcohol addiction treatment. It’s not easy to quit cold turkey, not to mention it’s extremely dangerous and can end up being fatal.

Quitting alcohol is not a one-day task. It is a process that involves discipline and resilience. With determination and support from family and friends, you can succeed in your sobriety journey. Have sober friends, keep alcohol away, and avoid loneliness.

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